22 thoughts on “2012 Jeep Liberty Test Drive & SUV Video Review

  1. Funny, this guy has no idea what the hell he’s even talking about!!! I have ZERO complaints about my Liberty. I LOVE it, and I also think its the perfect SUV!
    Mopar or no car!!! I would waste my time or money on some “after” thought rice burner SUV. After all Jeep and Land Rover are the original SUV makers, and thats all they make!

  2. I bought my jeep liberty artic 2012 for 26,000 ttl. I think it was a pretty good price. I drive it long distances with great comfort. it doesn’t get good milealge. I drive it at 75 to 80 on the interstate and did a calculation and it did 19 miles to the gallon. It sticks to the road pretty well. I have not taken it off road yet but did drive in a snow storm from buffalo, ny to morris, nj and it was great. got me thru the snowy interstate feeling confident. I like it, no buyers regret

  3. This guy keeps saying much better for your money. 20,000 out the door with 4k miles, try touching an Fj cruiser or anything comparable for near that much money. 35K is to much for the top of the line ya but as a base model 23k is pretty good!

  4. I honestly think this guy should do somthing other then reviewing cars. It could just be me but I disagree with allmost averything he said in this video.

  5. I just bought my second Liberty. It is not the most advanced car for a 2012, but it is my favorite car. I have owned lots over my life, from a DKW, to a 240zx to a
    passat to a mini-cooper conv, etc. My first experience with Jeep was a 2008. This one is about the same. Solid, steady, and capable of getting unstuck. Like it a lot.

  6. I own a 2012 jeep liberty latitude that costed me around 20k and its brand new no miles and has leather seats, heated seats, touch screen radio, it is pretty much fully loaded without sun roof, so liberty is an affordable car. I agree with this guy about the transmission, but everything else I am in complete I am in complete disagreement. The liberty is what a jeep is suppose to be and obviously this guy just doesn’t like jeep and it is also sad that they’re not going to be making this car

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