What to Expect When Traveling On a Coach Bus

In today’s modern world, there are several ways to get from point A to be point B, all of which have their individual pros and cons. Many people fear traveling by plane, either due to fear of flying, or the perceived threat of contracting a virus. Likewise, many people prefer not having to drive long […]

How Hybrids Get Great Fuel Economy

Since the recession. Americans seem to be much more accustomed to trimming their budgets and looking for ways to pinch pennies. One of the most common expenses that gets scrutinized is the money that people spend on gas, which seems to be getting increasingly expensive — even though it’s something that millions of Americans depend […]

Why Buses Are the Future of the Travel Industry

The leaves on the trees may be losing their “green” but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your green thumb too, just because winter is arriving soon. In fact, the holiday season is a perfect time to discover new ways to save energy and money — and traveling by coach bus is something that […]

3 Tips for Choosing Quality Long Term Car Storage

There are several reasons you may be considering long term car storage. One common reason is that your car is best driven in the summer — convertibles are fun, but not always ideal year-round — and you need winter car storage. But you might also be looking at collector car storage, if you don’t have […]

Three Tips to Help You Find and Buy the Right Used Car

In 2013, approximately 41,000,000 used cars were sold in the United States alone. The reasons for this were numerous: for example, there is usually a wider selection of used cars for sale than new cars, making it possible to find used cars that have features you are looking for at a price you can afford. […]

The 3 Most Problematic Honda Models

There are two main ways to measure car reliability: through quality testing conducted when a car is first released, and through trends of customer complaints over the years. Both routes have pros and cons. Testing, such as that carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tests cars under comparable conditions, which gives more […]