Why Independent Bus Companies Are Important For Local Economies

Bus companies are things that most consumers don’t think about on a regular basis — buses have just always been there and they have always been more affordable than nearly every other form of transportation. But it’s important to realize that these bus companies — including everything from local bus services in cities to charter […]

When There Is No Plumber But You

When I joined the Peace Corps in 2013 and took that long and fateful plane ride to Morocco, I was given a book entitled Where There Is No Doctor that had a slew of first aid information in it. Surprisingly, this book turned out to be not at all useful, as there were indeed doctors […]

Why Chevy and Subaru Popularity Is Growing

With so much news about car recalls or faulty parts in vehicles, many families are wondering what brands of automobiles are really safe to drive and what types are dependable. Naturally when choosing a new vehicle, safety is a key factor in deciding which car to purchase. A new Chevy dealer local or Subaru car […]

Three Fast Facts About Hybrid Car Batteries

In a perfect world, hybrid car batteries would last exactly as long as your car stayed on the road. Of course, in a really perfect world, cars would run on happy thoughts (and also fly), which doesn’t actually work. Trust us, we tried, it was a disaster. Here in the real world, if you drive […]

Why the World Would End Without Machine Tools

Working closely with an industrial machine requires a lot of diligence and maintenance in order to keep the machines running smoothly. It is important to make sure that you have the right kinds of machine tools if you have to make any repairs. Machine tools are used to make precision machine repairs; helping to shape […]

The Appeal of Online Auctions

With new auction technology available for auctioneers and the larger public, even a custom as old as auctions is getting a new modern spin. Auctions have been around for thousands and thousands of years–the first recorded ones appearing sometime around 500 B.C. Today, the auction industry produces billions of dollars in revenue and an increasing […]

Snow Removal Tactics for Next Winter

Winter may be over now, but it is never too early to start planning for next season. A prepared homeowner is a happy homeowner, and the less work you have to put into snow removal, the better. By investing in snow removal equipment during the off season, you are saving money with clearance sales, and […]