The Automobile And The American Owner

The automobile has become essential to the American way of life. Since the 1950s when Americans began to move out of the larger metropolitan areas and into the growing suburbs, the need for a car has been more prevalent. As women began to join their husbands in the workforce of the 1970s, families began to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Ignition Interlock Devices

Every day, 28 lives are lost in alcohol-related car wrecks. Often, the people who commit drunk driving offenses are not villains; many times they are working professionals, moms and dads, and college students who just underestimated their blood alcohol content (BAC) when they got behind the wheel. As with any habit-forming substance, the small population […]

Not Just for Golf, Tips for Buying a Cart

Golf carts are for more than just golf. More and more, people will buy a golf to get around their community. The Villages is a retirement community in Florida with more than 70,000 residents. It has about 100 miles of golf cart trails for residents to use. The prices for new golf carts can ran […]

What Is the Best Way to Ship My Car?

Shipping a car can be a hassle but it is being done more and more often and car moving is bug business. The United States car shipping industry is growing, currently it is worth about $12 billion. More and more cars are being sold online by companies such as eBay Motors,, and  […]

Sit on These Three Interesting Facts About Seating

When people are asked on their thoughts about seating, generally, they bring up its functionality. What’s the best thing to do with an empty seat? Sit in it, of course. And if it occupies the room of a messy teenager, it doubles as a clothing and bag dumping receptacle. But believe it or not, seats […]

Three Reasons to Have Window Tint Applied to Your Car

Window tint on a vehicle is a popular modification. People of all ages choose to tint their windows on their cars for a variety of reasons. Originally started to make a statement and for added privacy, applying a window tint is now more popular on all types of vehicles. Sun Protection Having auto window tinting […]

Staying Alive How To Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

More now than never, there are a large number of older cars on the road … in fact, the average car on the road right now is 11.4 years old. In fact, the number of cars being driven total is expected to rise to 260 million in 2018, up 5% from the current amount. With […]

Top Tips for Finding a Great Limo Rental

Let’s face it, anytime we see a limo pass us by while driving, our heads turn as we wonder whose in it and where its off to. Even on first glance, limousines convey a sense of class, prestige and luxury that entices people from all walks of life. In fact, limousine rental in the United […]