Hybrid Cars Once Exotic, Now Part Of The Mainstream

Battery hybrid cars, once considered somewhat exotic by the average car owner, have quickly become mainstream. Around four and a half million of them were sold worldwide in 2012. Hybrids are known, of course, for greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and considerably better fuel economy. They’re typically 20-35% more efficient than vehicles powered entirely by […]

What You Should Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the 26th biggest automaker by production worldwide in 2011. Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, which in turn inspired the Subaru logo Subaru is a Japan-based automaker whose recent offerings are both practical and fun to drive. […]

What You Need to Know About Golf Carts

Golf cart cargo box capacity averages about 370 pounds, although it can vary by model. When it comes to golf carts, prices range from $3,000 to $30,000 for luxury models. The minimum age to drive a golf cart is 13 in Georgia, Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina. Other states […]

3 Benefits of Machine Tool Services

Machine tool services and machine tool repairs are used for shaping or machining metal or other rigid materials, typically by cutting, boring, grinding, shearing, or other forms of deformation. While there is some debate over the exact origins and invention of the first machining services tools, it is generally believed that the bow lathe was […]

High Quality Hybrid Replacement Batteries Offer Peace of Mind

Hybrid owners love their cars and they have many good reasons to do so. Hybrids are highly fuel efficient, they reduce harmful emissions, and hybrid owners are offered tax incentives to buy hybrid cars. But a looming fear for owners is hybrid battery battery replacement, which can be expensive. However replacing a hybrid battery doesn’t […]