3 Tips for Buying a Used Car From Your Local Subaru Dealer

It?s time for a new car, and you?ve found yourself invariably drawn to Subarus. Why not? They?re a great, globally renowned brand and there are Subaru dealers locally available no matter what major city you?re located near. If you?re trying to decide exactly which car to get, though, you may not be quite so decisive. […]

Buying a Used Car Versus a New Car

If you are needing to purchase a new car, the first question you want to ask yourself is, do you need a brand new car or will one of the pre owned cars work for you? Subaru inventory and other include both new and used cars at their dealerships, but you still want to decide […]

Charter Bus Travel Is Affordable, Safe, and Efficient

When your college gymnastics coach runs down the aisle of the coach bus singing “Don’t’ Stop Believing” you know it is going to be a good weekend. When you get an entire two seats to yourself on the longest road trip of the year you know that you will have room to both rest and […]