Keeping Your House in Working Order

If you have ever had any experience maintaining a home or apartment, you know that sometimes it can feel like an overwhelming thing to do, particularly if the living space is not brand new. Appliances, wiring, plumbing, and more can wear over time and become less efficient, or even worse, dangerous or damaging. While having […]

What Is Your Favorite Kind of Adjustable Hose Clamp?

Lube, oil, filter service. Air filter. Lower intake manifold. Intake manifold gaskets. DPFE sensor. Spark plugs. Fuel filter. Injection wires. Fuel injector cleaner. Fuel treatment. Throttle arm. Anti-freeze. Anti-freeze conditioner kit. Upper and lower radiator hoses. Thermostat and gasket. GR valve. Check engine light on for 50K scan. PCM for codes and data and performance. […]

Why a Subaru Might Be For You

Choosing a new car — even a used one — is serious business. You need to weigh up your needs with price and ensure that you get the best deal for your requirements. Used car dealerships can offer some great bargains, but you have to know what to look for and how to bag the […]

6 Steps to Repairing Your Tire on the Go

Before getting started, let it be known that if you have a tire that needs fixing or replacing, the best thing to do is go to one of your local tire places. Tire places specialize in, well, tires, of course. They will know exactly what to do and how to get the job done properly. […]