History Lesson The 5 Most Powerful Muscle Cars Ever Made

The term muscle car is of American origin, and refers to any American-made two-door vehicle designed for high performance and high speed driving. However, not all muscle cars are equal. Some muscle cars were so famous that car enthusiasts buy replica car kits just to have something similar. Others didn’t do so well, but typically […]

Are You Looking for a New or Used Car?

The cars people drive tell a story. Whether it is a used Chevrolet passed down from one family member to another, or a first new car purchase, cars can often help tell the his In high school you drove a used 1974 gold colored Plymouth Duster with a snake skin top. Purchased by your father, […]

Four Ways to Ruin Your Replica Car Kit

Have you always dreamed of owning a custom roadster, like an AC Cobra with upgrade parts? It might seem like an impossibility to afford a pricey muscle car like a Cobra on its own, let alone with upgrade parts. However, many car enthusiasts find an affordable solution by building their own road and track car […]

What Is A Cobra Car Kit And How Has It Withstood The Test Of Time?

Why do Americans love cars so much, anyway? Well, you’ll have to dive back into a little history. The United States is a massive country, filled to the brim with different cultures and intersecting histories — automobiles provided, then and now, everything from transportation to financial independence for populations over the decades. This has carried […]

How To Have The Safest Possible RV Trip

According to recent estimate, there are 30 million RV enthusiasts across the country — and that includes RV renters. What is it about RVs that has captured the hearts of so many Americans? Well, depending on who you ask, the reasons range from practical to imaginative. Some people just love the road trip traditionalism of […]