Are You Safe to Drive? Let an Ignition Interlock Device Decide

You are aware that driving under the influence of alcohol carries serious consequences. You are very careful to not drink too much and then get behind the wheel. You have even called taxis and friends, incurring the costs of public transportation to avoid the possibility that you might be slightly over the legal blood alcohol […]

Controlling Traffic in Larger Cities

Driving can be difficult in many larger cities. If you have ever been to a large metropolitan city, such as New York or Chicago, you were probably surprised at how different the driving conditions were from your home state. These cities have hundreds of thousands of residents living in the city and outside the city, […]

Selling Your Corvette? These 3 Tips Can Help

Help! I want to sell my Corvette! What should I do?! Remain calm! It’s not big deal — we’ll get your car sold in a jiffy. Competitive Pricing The first thing you have to do is price your car in a way that your are not getting ripped off and that it’s not too high […]

October, 1901 the Race that Changed Everything

Ford racing celebrates its 115th year anniversary this month of the company’s first ever race. In October of 1901, Henry Ford drove the famous race car Sweepstakes and was victorious in his first and only race. Henry Ford was actually struggling before that famous race. He was 38-years-old, he had to leave the Detroit Automobile […]