Great Inventions The Hose Clamp

Were you aware that the hose clamp was invented by a former Royal Navy Commander? Lumley Robinson invented this clamp in 1921, and it continues to be used for a variety of purposes, such as aviation clamps. In general, however, hose clamps are used for hoses that can handle moderate pressures. This includes automative and […]

Are You Considering a Career in Diesel Mechanics?

It is a career that you would have not imagined for your son, but six months after graduating from high school he already has a well paying internship, seems to already know as much about diesel engines as your husband, and is saving money to supplement the tools that his internship has already provided him. […]

Six Buick Cars That Are Only Available In China

Buick cars are one of those makes that will never ever be old to be cool, especially in China. The Chinese market has what some might call a deep obsession for buick cars. The brand is extremely popular and has been so since General Motors introduced it to the Chinese market decades ago. While the […]