How Subprime Leads Connect Buyers With Auto Dealerships

The subprime loans market is growing, for a good reason. Even people who have bad credit need to buy cars, and auto dealers are becoming aware that they can provide a necessary service by offering financing. Banks have been tightening requirements for loans, shutting out tens of thousands of people from obtaining financing for buying […]

Buick v GMC Which Offers the More Family Friendly Car?

If you are a parent, chances are you’ll choose your next car with the family’s needs in mind. These needs will vary, but might include the following according to a 2016 CarGuru survey: transporting the baby’s stroller (33%); shuttling kids and equipment to sports games (45%); bringing along the pets (31%); heading out on a […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle to Send Your Child to College

As the summer begins to wind down, many young adults will be headed to college for the first time. Moving onto campus requires a long purchase list, including educational materials, dorm furniture, and a vehicle. Your new college student will require their own source of transportation. With so many vehicle choices to choose from, it […]

ATVs, You, and Everything In Between

The development of motorcylce technology has allowed a new wave of vehicles to come along. These new vehicles include: scooters, quads, street bikes, crotch rockets, and other new forms of motorcycles. There is now doubt, however, that atvs are the most popular form of these new bikes. So much so that there are now professional […]

Why Updating Your Car Carpet Is In Your Best Interest

Some people joke that they spend so much time in their cars that they practically live in them. Commuters say that the average commute is around 26 minutes one way and the median is 20 minutes. On a bad commuting day, it can take an average of 46 minutes, but a median of 30. Generally, […]

Cracked Windshields Can Impede Your View

Got Hail? Call Us! The signs are all over town. The morning after the strong summer thunderstorm came through your city the hail repair signs were posted at the corner of every major intersection.Roof repair. Siding repair. Windshield repair. The number of signs, however, did not come close to the number of dents and dings […]

Top Five Tips For Maintaining Your New Diesel Engine

–Have you recently invested in a diesel engine? You’re well on your way to having a car that runs more smoothly and contributes to a cleaner environment. While it can seem a little nerve-wracking thinking about the Dodge diesel fuel injector or 03 Cummins injector you’ll need to learn how to use, fear not. Part […]