Facts On Used Cars

The National Automobile Dealers Association projected an idea that eventually became true. They expected a 7% decline in the average price of a used car and it happened. In 2014, the average price for a used car was $16,025 and it dropped to under $15,00 in the year of 2016. When you drive around you […]

How to Prevent Unintentional Drinking and Driving

Most states have a legal blood alcohol content level. This means that it is legal to have a drink or two and get behind the wheel. Any more alcohol than this, however, is illegal and can be extremely dangerous. Although most people intend to practice safe alcohol consumption, it can be difficult to establish exactly […]

Is Your Family in the Need of a New or Used Car?

The search has started again. After 17 peaceful months of having four cars for the four drivers in your home, your daughter ran into problems with her pickup when she was making the 12 hour drive back to campus after fall break. She was able to make it back to her dorm, but you it […]