A Guide to the Hyundai Genesis 20 Turbo

Hyundai is a popular brand of vehicle manufacturer that normally provides high-quality and efficient vehicles. However, they branched out into creating luxury vehicles from their own sub-brand of Hyundai Genesis vehicles. Now, one of the most popular kinds of vehicles is the Hyundai Genesis 2.0 Turbo. Hyundai Genesis Coupe models were primarily created between the […]

8 Tips As You Start a Trucking Career

There’s never been a better time to be a truck driver. Truck driving jobs have never been more available. If you’re thinking about CDL driver school or taking other CDL classes, here are some important tips you need to know as you start out. Know the Limitations of CDL Driver School Truck driver training is […]

When Was the Last Time You Had to Go Car Shopping?

At times, it is embarrassing to admit just how much experience you have in finding quality used cars for sale, but with two teenage daughters and a husband who does a lot of traveling, you certainly have gone through a lot of vehicles in the last six years. Your oldest daughter has had two accidents […]