4 Types of Industrial Lubricants that are Ideal for Your Machine?

Industrial lubricants are chemical compounds that take different forms, which include liquids, greases, and fluids. The lubricants get applied to different running parts of small and large machinery and equipment. These specialty lubricants may consist of mineral oils, petroleum, emulsions, and synthetic lubricants. These lubricants perform the role of friction reduction between surfaces of moving […]

5 Machining and Engineering Ideas that Extend Your Tools’ Life

Machine shops are facilities where companies carry out machining activities. These activities are part of subtractive manufacturing, equipment repair, and replacement part fabrication. Machine services shops provide various machine shop and engineering services. The services offered include drilling, grinding, finishing, shaping, cutting, electroplating, heat treating, and many more. Standard tools used in these shops include […]

Buying a School Bus? Consider The Following

Is your school planning to acquire a new bus this year? Well, buying a bus is a huge undertaking that comes with a lot of questions. For instance, will you buy a new bus for sale or a used one? Which are the considerations to make among other questions? Here are the primary factors to […]

Cutting Fluids – What Are They?

The metal cutting process leads to the generation of heat due to friction of the tool-workpiece interface and plastic deformation of the metal. Approximately 95% of the energy used in metal removal is converted into heat, leading to inefficiency or failure. Cutting fluids prevent heat production during metalworking and machining processes. So, what are cutting […]

Why You Should Sign Up For a Defensive Driving Course

There are close to 40,000 fatal road accidents annually in the U.S. that results in over 90 fatalities daily. Car accidents claim the most lives per year among teens and healthy adults. Also, such accidents result in over 2 million serious injuries or disabilities. Automobiles are the most convenient means of transport for short distances, […]

How To Spot Damaged On Your ATV Fuel Line and Replace It

When it comes to exploring nature and enjoying yourself, nothing beats ATVs, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. In recent years, ATVs have become a firm favorite for outdoor excursions. For instance, the demand for sport ATVs in 2016 was approximately 180,000 units. Owning an ATV comes with the added responsibility of keeping it in peak condition. […]

5 Signs Your Motorcycle Needs a Fuel Pump Replacement

Motorcycles and ATVs are increasingly becoming popular among thrill-seekers and nature lovers. They are the ideal way of enjoying the outdoors. In fact, in 2017 alone, more than 400,000 motorcycles were bought. For your motorcycle to remain in peak condition, it requires adequate maintenance and repairs to damaged parts. Riders need to know how to […]

Find the Preowned Truck For You

Typically, as customers look for a preowned truck, they want to select the best, quality vehicle they can find at a reasonable price. But this can be a challenge. Purchasing a preowned truck involves significant obstacles. If you can find the right used car dealership, you can relax. Read on to discover things to keep […]

The Right Tools For Locksmiths

The concept of locks goes back 4,000 years to the ancient Egyptians, who used sliding wooden bolts to secure doors. And in the following centuries, locks and keys were often used to secure bank vaults, dungeons, and more. Today, we trade dungeon doors for car doors and portable safes, not to mention padlocks for gym […]