Types of Mineral Oils and Their Byproducts

Mineral oil or liquid petroleum is a byproduct of the gasoline refining process. These light mixtures of oil are odorless and colorless. You shouldn’t confuse these oils with edible vegetable oils. The base material for this petroleum product is crude oil. This FDA approved product is transparent and consumable. You can get this gasoline product […]

Ultimate OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts and Accessories Guide

Semi-trucks have long been at the heart of freight operations in the US and are responsible for moving approximately 71.5% of the country‚Äôs freight. Their dominance in this arena is attributed to their massive freight-moving power. On average, a US semi-truck can haul up to 80,000 pounds in one trip! If you own one, then […]

An Overview of Truck Headlight Types and Replacement

Headlights are used to illuminate road ahead during low visibility and nighttime conditions. If your headlight burns out or starts dimming, you will have problems in the road. A faulty headlight is just one of the signs of impending danger. In addition, it could mean parting with costly tickets from the authorities. Luckily there are […]