Are You in Need of Vehicle Windshield Repair or Replacement?

Your daughter went to the local fitness center last week on an evening from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm and while she was there her car got broken into from the driver’s side window and money was stolen from the car. The fitness center director indicated that the facility has footage of video that might provide some help, but only police can order them to release it. The fitness spokesperson also said that for the police to order this they need to know that the damage and loss had reached a certain threshold, and it was their experience that the cost of damage of a driver’s side window is not big enough to merit a police investigation.

You got the window fixed today and paid more than $200. The fitness center has video of cars and likely of the theft, but unfortunately you will never get to see it. In your frustration of dealing with the problem, however, you did make a couple of changes. Number one, you no longer belong to that fitness center because you refers to give any more money to a facility that is more than willing to take your money, but not offer you any help. Number two, when you made the decision to schedule the window repair, you also made the decision to invest in glass tinting to discourage theirs from targeting your vehicle. You have also advised your daughter to be more mindful whenever she parks in a public lot and to be especially careful when she parks in areas where there have been previous break ins reported. Vandalism and theft are crimes that should have consequences, and it should not matter of the thieves have stolen a quarter from a car or a hundred dollars, but we live in a time when it is important to look out for your own best interest. Glass tinting is one way that you can do this.

Glass Tinting and Windshield Repair Require Specific Kinds of Craftsmanship

Auto glass repair companies offer a number of different services that can add to the look and the value of your vehicle. From glass tinting to chipped windshield repairs that can avoid the replacement of an entire windshield, when you work with the right company there are many benefits.

In addition to making sure that your vehicle is safe to drive, there are also many ways that you can actually make sure that the contents of your car are safe as well. With the right kind of auto glass tinting, in fact, you can also make sure that you are shielded from the harsh UV rays of the sun when you are traveling. Consider some of these facts and figures about the latest window replacement, repair and tinting options:

  • The auto glass repair and replacement industry has increased by 4.8% in the past five years.
  • There were about 18,910 employees working in the automotive repair and maintenance industry as of the year 2017.
  • 15 million windshields are replaced every single year in the U.S.
  • Fortunately, the cost of some windshield repairs and replacements are fully covered by an insurance policy.
  • Experts predict that the total revenue for the U.S. automotive glass industry will reach around $2.29 billion by the year 2025.

Whether you are searching for a way to improve the look of the car that you drive or you are hoping to find a way to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays or your belongings from parking lot thefts, there are many times when a tinted window is the perfect solution. Working with the best window companies can help you understand all of the available options and find the right solution for your particular circumstances and needs. Complete windshield replacement is one way to invest in the future value of your car, but the decision to have a window tinting applied is an immediate investment in the comfort of using your vehicle. As technologies continue to improve, there are more and more options available to vehicle owners. Working with the right contractor can help you feel confident in the decisions that you are making and the future choices that you will have.


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