Brake Controllers for an RV Trailer

Many Americans own pickup trucks or SUVs with strong engines, and it is common to use those vehicles to tow trailers of all kinds. Sometimes, such vehicles are used to tow items for work, such as roofing contractor materials or even livestock, while other people are towing personal items, such as a drum kit or […]

How Many Cars Have You Owned in a Lifetime?

The beginning of a new year and a new decade is reason enough for many people to make the decision to buy a new car. Taking advantage of end of the season pricing options as new car lots get ready for the 2020 inventory, many buyers find that they get their very best deals as […]

How to Buy Auto Parts Without Getting Screwed

As a car owner, you might be surprised at just how expensive some vehicle replacement parts are. Some car replacement parts are often overpriced simply because the customer does not know any better. If only the car owners knew better on the importance of taking time when shopping for car replacement parts, the dealers too […]

Knowing When it is Time for Tire Repair or Replacement

It is exciting to buy a car, especially your first car, but such a vehicle is also a big responsibility. This ranges from driving carefully all the way to taking it in to auto repair shops for oil filter changes, replacing the brake pads, and much more. Don’t forget the tires and rims either, which […]

Here is What to Look for in a Car Shampoo

When getting a car wash, many car owners do not closely consider which products are being used on their vehicle. It’s easy to get swayed by a certain product for their marketing, but the ingredients and ratios are what’s most important. Although there are a numerous amount of car shampoos on the market, the best […]

Why Synthetic Lubricants are a Worthy Investment

Day by day, the economy gets tougher. That calls for every company to find ways of filling any loophole that can potentially decrease profits. The need to maximize profits has seen the role of machine lubricants evolve. The role has shifted from only a tool to keep things running smoothly, to a centerpiece in the […]