What Types of Hose Clamps Do You Use Most Often?

Turns out, the problem was one of the large hose clamps that failed. You came home to a basement floor that was covered in an inch of water. When you were gone the large hose clamps that were holding the tubing to the water heater had broke. In all likelihood just one of the large […]

6 Reasons Why You Want to Travel in an RV

Travelling is more affordable than it used to be but it is still pretty expensive. The more children you have, the more money you have to spend every time you go out of town. If you fly or go on a train, everyone needs a ticket. If you stay in a hotel, you might need […]

Driving a BargainInsurance Incentives for Safety Classes

Driving classes are almost a necessity these days for anyone who wants to join the ranks of those gracing the roads. Driving classes offer the opportunity for students to learn from certified instructors who can share with them the most important aspects of learning to drive. In every state there are multiple locations that offer […]

3 Garden Hose Problems You Can Fix Yourself

If you have a leaking garden hose, then you don’t necessarily have to throw it away. There are things you can do that will repair it even without having to call a plumber. Here are a few ways that you could possibly fix your own garden hose using stainless hose clamps, nuts, connectors and other […]

Six Things to Know Before You Rent a Party Bus

Are you looking to rent a party bus? There are few better ways to ensure a party than when you rent a party bus! When you rent a party bus, you know that the entire event will be a celebration, including the travel time. When you rent a party bus, your special event can easily […]

Are Snow Tires Really That Different From Regular Tires?

As the rain starts turning to sleet and snow and temperatures trend downwards, you may be wondering if you need snow tires. If you live in the northern parts of the country which receive significant snowfall, snow tires can make a substantial difference in driving safety in the winter months. Snow tires have a number […]

The Story of the Shelby Cobra

Classic cars are very popular in the United States and around the world. One model that has stood out over time is the Shelby Cobra. People all over the world build their own using Shelby Cobra kits. What is a Shelby Cobra? Carroll Shelby was a race driver and car designer. He started out racing […]