An Overview of Truck Headlight Types and Replacement

Headlights are used to illuminate road ahead during low visibility and nighttime conditions. If your headlight burns out or starts dimming, you will have problems in the road. A faulty headlight is just one of the signs of impending danger. In addition, it could mean parting with costly tickets from the authorities. Luckily there are […]

4 Symptoms of a Faulty Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is explicitly designed to filter out impurities in fuel before it enters the engine. High pressure fuel-injected systems with gas or diesel fuel might contain flecks or additives that can find their way into the system. Even mechanics will sometimes spend hours trying to figure engine issues, overlooking the fuel filters as […]

Many Different Machining Services Offered and The Many Benefits They Bring to Your Shop

Machines shops both produce tolls and work to provide service for the maintenance of various machines and tools. This often includes the maintenance and service needed for automotive technicians and other businesses that work with intricate machines in providing services of there own. Machining services range from threading to boring, turning and facing while offering […]

Taking Good Care of Your Car Tires and Wheels

A car or pickup truck owner should keep careful track of all the repair and upkeep needs of their vehicle, from pounding out dents in the body to replacing the oil filter all the way to replacing the tires or rims on the wheels. It may be easy to take the wheels of a car […]

DUI and the Law

A majority of Americans, over 200 million of them, own a valid driver’s license, and nearly as many are operating motor vehicles on today’s streets and highways. For the most part, drivers are careful and responsible about how they operate motor vehicles, but unfortunately, some are not. Drunk driving is a tragically common occurrence, and […]