When Was the Last Time You Had to Go Car Shopping?

At times, it is embarrassing to admit just how much experience you have in finding quality used cars for sale, but with two teenage daughters and a husband who does a lot of traveling, you certainly have gone through a lot of vehicles in the last six years. Your oldest daughter has had two accidents […]

A Look At Car Repairs In The United States

As anyone who currently owns or has owned a car or other such motor vehicle can attest to, cars can develop problems. And at some point, it is likely that your car will. From minor problems to major ones, it is important to have your car or other such motor vehicle looked at by a […]

3 Things Every Car Workshop Needs

3 Things Every Car Workshop Needs The United States has more cars than any other country in the world, at 300 million. China comes in a distant second, at 78 million. Whether you repair cars or restore them, you use a lot of different tools. A single car has about 30,000 parts. About 80% of […]

Where Do You Get the Mechanic Work Done That You Need?

Keeping up on automobile maintenance is not always easy. From regular monthly maintenance to keeping up with the latest recalls and other matters, it can be a challenge to make sure that you follow all of the recommended maintenance. One of the keys to making sure you are able to maintain your vehicle is establishing […]

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Limo Service

There are many reasons people choose to utilize limo services, making this industry a glowingly popular one generating about $11 billion a year. With over 200,000 taxi and limousine services in the U.S. it can make it hard to decide which one is best for what you want. Deciding how to choose the best limo […]

Choosing the Best Paint for your Car

Repainting your vehicle is a great way to save yourself money at the auto shop while also making it feel like you have a brand-new ride. As you consider your car touch up paint kit, though, be sure to choose colors wisely. Various car shades and finishes require different levels of care and will be […]

Turn Your Love of Cars Safely into a Worthwhile Hobby or Job

Across the United States, there is great value placed on having a personal vehicle. In some locations, it is pretty necessary. Some places do not have adequate public transportation, or goods and services are located further away than would be convenient to go in a manner other than with a personal vehicle. It is quite […]

5 Tips to Ensure Securely Fitted Cargo in a Truck Bed

A four year AAA study concluded that debris in the road was responsible for more than 200,000 crashes of which two-thirds were caused by improperly secured cargo. These crashes resulted in 500 deaths and 39,000 injuries of innocent drivers. No one wants to be responsible for causing an accident or death and no one wants […]