Can a New Car Dealer Help With a Purchase?

Advantages of buying a new car

Buying a car is a big step and you should approach it with a lot of information. Perhaps you need to visit a new car dealer if you are contemplating buying a new car. There are advantages to buying a new car just as there are advantages to buying used cars. Some car dealerships have both, so choosing a car dealer is an important factor in making your choice.

There are pros and cons to both options. If you choose a new car dealer you might want to think about the fact that in 2016, a record was set for new vehicle sales. Over 17.5 million new vehicles were sold in that year, topping the increase in sales of these new vehicles in recent years. New vehicle sales are on the rise so that is something to think about.

As far as used vehicle sales are concerned, over 9.81 million were sold in just the first quarter of 2015. Used vehicles are a popular choice, of course, perhaps for cars for college grads with student loans to pay for. Even a family car can be a used car.

Vehicles are a popular item in this country, be there used or new. In 2014, over 7.7 million passenger cars were sold to United States customers. And the auto industry itself is a huge employer in America. Over 1.5 million people are employed by the automobile industry in every facet of the business: manufacturing, design, sales, parts, service et al.

So, you see your little drop in the bucket of purchasing one vehicle, be it from a new car dealer or a used car dealer, is contributing to one of the largest industries in this country! And many people take this decision very seriously along with you. Forty-eight percent of buyers spend somewhere between one to three months to shop around before making their final decision. And a whopping 52 percent of potential buyers have no idea what kind of car, make or model, they want to buy when they reach the dealership! What a mind boggling smorgasbord to choose from.

As we can see, it takes some doing to buy a vehicle that you know you will be satisfied with. It can involve research and looking. Or it may just involve buying exactly what you happen to like! Either way, or with a combination of both, remember, you will be one of the millions of Americans who buy a new or used vehicle this year, and some of those vehicles will have been made right here in America.


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