Machine and Tool Service and Maintenance Needed in Variety

Machine shops produce many different tools, while also servicing and rebuilding them as needed. These shops also work in the maintenance of machines and tools. With machine shop services ranging among threading, boring, turning and facing, there is much to gain from quality machine tools. They are able to remove material from a tool or other workpiece, especially to help improve function.

Different Machine Tools in Need of Service

A machine tool works to shape and machine metal and other rigid materials. This helps to both build and service many other tools that are used for a mechanic and other service shops. Some of the key services provided by a machine tool may include:

  • Power tool repair service
  • Small material hoist
  • Machine tool repair
  • Genie lift repair
  • Genie material lift
  • Lathe repair
  • Beta max hoist
  • Electric material lift

Machine tools date back as far as 1200 B.C., with the lathe and the bow drill being the first ones ever recorded. Over time, machine tools have continued to be harder and more durable, meaning that they will continually require regular maintenance from machine shop service.

Some Basic Steps to Keep Machine Tools Working Properly

Sometimes this comes from hearing unusual noises during the use of your machine tool, so caution should always be taken with these tools. Additionally, machine tool parts that rub together on a regular basis should be consistently lubricated to prevent damage.

Considering the fact that a lathe is one of the most commonly used machine tools, there are a number of steps to take in order to make sure that they are well-maintained and remain in strong working order. Some of the best things to help keep a lathe working include checking the drive belt regularly for tension and consistency. Adjust the gibs regularly to avoid damage and unnecessary friction between components. Regularly clean and wipe down the lathe, and clean and re-oil the wiper pads as well. Make sure not to clean the chip or gram on a lathe with high-pressure air because it could enter the machine’s crevices.

With all of the work done by machine tools, there is much to benefit from the work done by machine shop service. Keeping machine tools clean and well maintained can be a challenging service but these shops are able to help with these easily.


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