Make Your ATV Last Longer With These 5 Maintenance Tips

honda service appointmentAs a car owner, you’ve likely mastered your auto maintenance schedule. Now that you have an ATV, you will need to learn a new set of best practices. Fortunately, ATVs are not that different than cars. With regular Honda service appointments and some maintenance knowledge on your side, you can keep your ATV running for years to come. These tips can get you started on learning the basics of ATV upkeep.

  1. Schedule oil changes.
    Just like cars, ATVs need regular oil changes. This can keep the vehicle’s engine running smoothly, keeping you out of the mechanic’s shop and out on the trail. Your specific oil change schedule will depend on your ATV model, so ask your Honda repair shop for advice.
  2. Change the air filter regularly.
    When an engine isn’t running properly, dirty air filters are often to blame. The air filter brings quality air into the engine chamber, allowing the whole system to ignite properly. When the filter is dirty, the engine needs to work much harder to function.
  3. Check the AV’s tires.
    Especially if you plan to ride your ATV in the cold, it’s important to check your tire pressure. Before you ride, use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure, filling the tire with air if necessary. Not sure how to measure pressure? A Honda service center employee can show you.
  4. Get the coolant flushed.
    Coolant is as important as engine oil, as it keeps the engine from overheating. Low coolant levels generally cause your engine to get too hot and the parts to grind against each other. Ask your Honda mechanic how often you should schedule a coolant flush.
  5. Know when you need replacement parts.
    While repair is important, there comes a point where replacing the part is best. If you are pouring money into repairs, make a Honda service appointment to discuss ordering new parts. This attention will prevent the faulty parts from effecting the entire vehicle.

In 2015 alone, Honda sold 228,380 ATVs to U.S. customers. With so many ATVs in operation, Honda has fine tuned their vehicle servicing. By taking your ATV to a Honda professional rather than a generic dealer, you can keep this specialized vehicle on the road for years to come.


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