Repairs to Your Car or Pickup Truck Windshield

An automobile such as a car or a pickup truck has a number of hardware components both inside and out, and this certainly includes the glass and windshields on them. Such glass is vital for a car, and windshield and glass keep out dirty air, wind, heat, cold, and more for the occupant’s comfort and safety alike. Very early cars in the 1890s or so lacked such glass, and instead had small screen positioned directly in front of the occupants. By the 1930s, windshields as we know them were in place, and cars nearly always had sold roofs on them. Today’s cars have pushed this technology even further, with more features and higher safety standards than ever before. Glass tinting is popular among some car owners, and car enthusiasts may install glass tinting tech themselves in a private garage or in their driveway. Meanwhile, more mundane but no less important auto glass repair may be done, and windshield replacement or chipped windshield repair may sometimes be needed. When is it time for auto glass tinting or cracked windshield repair?

Tinting Car Glass

Some car owners are very much interested in upgrading their vehicle however they can, and sometimes, glass tinting is involved in this work. Why might a car get its windows tinted? This may be done not only for aesthetic purposes, but practical ones, too. Tinted window glass is like sunglasses for the car and for the same effect. Sunlight and UV rays are known not only to damage human eyes and skin, but also many man-made or natural surfaces, too. Car seat leather, for example, may discolor or suffer other damage after prolonged exposure to UV rays, and no car owner would want that. The same may be true for other hardware or items found inside the car.

Glass tinting may be done with professional help, and any car owner may look up local garages that offer this service. An online search query such as “glass tinting auto shops near Albany NY” or “car glass tinting services Rhode Island” may show some local results, and a car owner may take their vehicle in for window tinting. As a bonus, tinted windows partly block a person’s vision when looking into the car, helping to protect the car’s privacy. Tinted windows are not as difficult to look through from the car’s interior, however, or else a driver’s vision would be dangerously impaired.

Windshield and Window Replacement

Sometimes, a car’s windows or windshield may need repair, and this is a large industry. Cars are very common in the United States, meaning that the aftermarket parts industry and auto repair industries are large to match. Where car windows are concerned, nearly 15 million windshields are replaced on American cars every year, and sometimes, a car owner’s insurance may cover the costs. And as of 2017, nearly 18,910 employees were hard at work in this industry and others for cars. In fact, within the last five years, the auto glass repair and replacement industry has grown by 4.8%.

Trauma of all sorts may damage a car’s windshield. The glass may get badly cracked or even shattered in a full-on collision, and of course need immediate replacement. In other cases, flying debris such as rocks or bricks from a truck’s flat bed may come loose and strike a car’s windshield. At some speeds, even smaller debris such as pebbles might put a crack, big or small, onto a windshield. And vandalism may also be a threat, when a person throws a hard object into a car’s windows on purpose or if they smash the windows with tools such as crowbars or tire irons. This may totally destroy a window and call for its replacement at once.

It should be noted that small windshield cracks may not stay small for long, and wind force and momentum may cause the crack to widen and become dangerously large. Even small cracks must be taken seriously, and a crack 12″ or longer is a serious threat. A car owner is urged to get a crack (big or small) looked over at a car garage and have any necessary repair or replacement work done whenever possible. This could save the car owner from much bigger problems later on.


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