Three Reasons You Need to Invest in Car Repair and Maintenance

Whether it’s a deep scratch, a certain clunking sound in the engine, or a tire that’s getting too old, we are going to need car maintenance and auto repair at some point. Car repair and maintenance is essential and should never be neglected, yet surveys show that about 40% of us are putting off going to the auto mechanic on a regular basis. In fact, about 77% of cars at any one moment need repair or maintenance. Here’s why it’s so crucial that you keep up with yours.

Avoid Future Accidents

Auto experts estimate that between 12% and 13% of America’s automobile accidents are due to a mechanical failure. This is particularly the case because our cars have longer lifespans than ever before. A recent survey by IHS Automotive found that the average American car driving around today is 11.5 years old. It’s great that our cars are lasting a long time, but that also means we need to be extra vigilant in taking care of them less they fail us in the critical moment and someone gets hurt. Car repair and maintenance might just save your life.

It Doesn’t Save Money

The main reason most people avoid having a car specialist work on their vehicle is cost. In fact, surveys show that the lower the income of the owner, the less likely he or she is to get regular car repair and maintenance. The problem with this behavior is that what is today a minor repair could be a major malfunction a few weeks or months from now if it’s neglected. That scratch could open up and serious rusting begin in the car frame. Failure to get the spark plugs changed out can lead to the mechanical failure of larger and far more expensive parts. In the end, no one saves money by neglecting basic car repair and maintenance.

Our Cars Are a Major Investment

We need our car to work. We need it to work when it is -20° outside. We need it to run when the temperatures are 105°. We need it to get to school, to get to work, to get the groceries, and to take us to the hospital we have an emergency. We depend on our cars not only for ourselves but for our children and their needs. We ask a tremendous amount of our cars, and it’s not too much to ask in return that we put a little bit of effort into car repair and maintenance so they won’t fail us when the temperatures soar, the ice builds up, or we have an emergency. Cars are typically the second largest purchase that any household makes, after a house itself, and yet few things we buy get the level of abuse that we give to our cars.

A car is an enormous investment and we should work to protect that investment. Our car repair and maintenance is a safety issue that can affect us and our children at the worst possible moment. We don’t save money by putting off maintenance, and we do make it harder for the auto mechanic to help us when the problem can no longer be neglected. Don’t ignore the major investment that is your car.


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