Top Three Reasons Parking is Stressful

Custom valet parking ticket

Parking a vehicle can be difficult and frustrating. Drivers spend so much time trying to find parking, especially in major downtown areas. This can be particularly difficult if drivers are dressed for a night out. Walking a distance in heels is problematic. Not only is it inconvenient, it can be dangerous and painful. Dressing for a night out generally does not provide much comfort for movement or the ability to tolerate varying weather conditions. These are just some of the reasons that many businesses prefer to use valet tickets for businesses instead of relying on drivers to park their own cars. But dress is not the only reason people may prefer to take advantage of a valet service. Here are the top 3 reasons parking is so frustrating.

1. Parking is expensive. In New York City, drivers spend over $2,200 in fuel and wasted time searching for parking. That is time and money people could be spending at a restaurant or casino. That is money they could be spending at your business. While a few dollars for valet parking ticket may have some seeking their own parking spots, many visitors to your business will want to avoid the frustration and the risk associated with finding their own parking spot. Valet tickets for businesses give drivers the option of using their service and not spending the money on the extra fuel.

2. People in cities spend too much time looking for parking spots. Across the nation, people spend an average of 17 hours per year looking for parking. That number is higher in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with each drivers in each city spending more than 80 hours per year looking for parking. Valet tickets for businesses would probably be especially welcomed in these areas so people don’t have to spend as much time parking when they could be doing something fun or relaxing at home.

3. Time limits are an added constraint. Parking spots with 2-hour limits put added stress on employees and visitors, according to a 2016 study. The customer needs to rush through their purchases or meal and hope to get back in time. The employees feel the customers stress and try to hurry, but cannot make other customers eat faster or be quick with purchases. Then there is the parking ticket that will follow. Using valet tickets for businesses reduces this stress as the vehicle is safely parked without any need to feed a meter. People can just take their time and enjoy their evening.

Parking is frustrating. To make your customers’ lives easier, consider valet tickets for businesses. People will not have to hunt for a parking spot, worry about walking through weather and difficult terrain, and can simply enjoy the evening in your establishment. People will be more relaxed and happy. Happy customers is a good thing. They have enough on their minds already. Give them a break by offering valet parking tags.


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