When Towing Services Are Essential

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Life happens. Flat tires happen. For many people, towing services become necessary after a flat tire or even a minor (or major) motor vehicle accident. When your car is unable to be driven any further, towing services can step in to transport it – and you – to a safe location off of the road. Towing services can also help to clear accidents more quickly and efficiently, leading to a safer driving experience for everyone on the road. Vehicle recovery services are essential to road safety, in fact, and help to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible, interrupting the flow of traffic for as short of a time as possible.

And car accidents are certainly not uncommon. In the United States alone, there are around 6 million motor vehicle accidents every year. They are caused by a number of causes, from distracted driving, where the driver is preoccupied by something else (most frequently a cell phone) to driving while under the influence. In fact, every day an estimated 300,000 drunk drivers take to the road in the United States. Of those drunk drivers, only around 4,000 ever get arrested. Unfortunately, this means the rest are more prone to become involved in a motor vehicle accident and require recovery services as well as roadside assistance. Driver fatigue is another significant cause of motor vehicle accidents, particularly truck accidents, of which driver fatigue causes nearly 15%. Driver fatigue is a common concern for truck drivers, who often drive for long stretches of time with minimal rest. Many truck drivers have nodded off at the wheel at least once, but many are lucky to wake up quickly, and avoid that accident that may have occurred otherwise. But some are not so fortunate, and truck accidents have frequently been tied back to driver fatigue. It can also take a truck (an 18 wheeler) almost double the time to stop than it takes a care, increasing the risk of motor vehicle accident, especially in poor weather. And bad weather, including heavy snow and rain, causes a boost in the need for towing services.

Aside from motor vehicle accidents, 24/7 towing services are often needed due to popped and flat tires. In fact, around seven tires are punctured for every second in the United States alone. This accumulates to around more than 200 flat or damaged tires every single year. The average person experiences at least five flat tires over the course of their life, if not more. As many people either do not know or have forgotten how to change a tire, towing services are often essential in helping out people who have been stranded on the roadside with a flat tire.

No matter what you need to call a towing service for, they can help you to get out of a number of tricky situations, from a flat tire to a more major motor vehicle accident. For many people, a towing service can help to make the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident less stressful.


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