Why Buying a Used Car is No Longer a Matter of Chance

Used car dealership

Buying a used car is now easier than ever with vehicle histories available online and manufacturers offering certified pre-owned vehicles. Buyers no longer have to worry about buying a lemon. Most auto manufacturers are also building vehicles that will last longer, and engines that can run at least 200,000 miles. Buying a used car offers customers good value for their money. Many used car dealerships offer the convenience of one-stop auto shopping with in-house financing.

Why buying a used car is a good idea
Buying a used car is no longer a matter of taking a chance on an unknown quantity. A number of changes in the way used vehicles are sold means that buyers are armed with information that can help them to pick the right vehicle. Many used car dealers have their inventory online, along with the vehicle history. This makes it easy to check if a used car for sale has had any problems in the past, or if it has been in any accidents.
Used car sales reached 38.3 million in 2015. This the highest figure reached in eight years, and is an indication that customers are much more comfortable buying used vehicles than they were earlier. Another major change is that autos nowadays are made to last, and most engines can handle 200,000 miles as a matter of course.

Used and certified pre-owned cars offer value
Most cars now last for ten or eleven years, and have an average of three owners in their lifetimes. Adding up used car sales by dealerships and private sellers, a total of around 40 millions used vehicles are sold each year. Used vehicles last much longer than in the past. Many auto manufacturers also have used certified vehicle programs.
Used certified vehicles are typically less than five years old and have been certified by the manufacturer. They have undergone rigorous multipoint testing by factory-trained technicians and have manufacturers warranties. Used cars from pre-owned dealerships offer excellent value for money. They allow buyers to get a quality vehicle at an affordable price.

Locking in the financing
Most people can’t afford to pay the full value of a new vehicle upfront, and need to get some kind of financing. Many used car dealerships nowadays offer buy here pay here financing. They work with financial institutions to offer customers auto loans, often at very attractive rates. In general, interest rates depend on the customer’s credit history.
Buyers with a high credit score can get lower interest rates, because they are seen as a lower risk for the lender. People who have low credit scores should try and improve their credit rating before making a purchase. Sometimes, people with bad credit can secure loans if they can make a down payment.

The process of buying a vehicle from a used car dealer has changed in recent years and is now much more transparent. Used vehicle buyers have much more information in their hands and can use it to find a quality vehicle at an affordable price. Many used car dealerships offer the convenience of in-house financing, with attractive offers for qualified buyers.


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