Why You Should Consider a Used Car

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Purchasing a car can be a difficult process, one that is rice with so many questions, possibilities, and unknown answers. When it comes down to buying a new truck or car, you might be looking into that very type of car, so to say, new. However, while a new car might sound like a good idea, it might not prove to be the best one. In particular, Edmunds Key Insights showed that the average price of a vehicle in the U.S. in 2014 was $32,386. In contrast, the average price of a used car in 2014 was $16,025 (which dropped down to $15,000 by 2016).

While the deal is entirely noticeable, that a used car will be saving you money, you might be wondering whether or not used cars or used trucks are necessarily true cars? This term, true, is, in this use, being applied to new vehicles. It’s a shame to, because a used car is a true car: There is no difference between the two.

Just because a used car might have a more mileage, years, and wear than a new car, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t any worse. It’s shown that there were 16.5 million new cars purchased by American buyers in 2014, but that similarly means that there will be a great deal of used cars up for sale in the years to come. With new vehicles being purchased every single year, there are similarly a lot of used cars to be found within used car lots. These cars, most of which are still in perfect condition, are available for purchase at a lesser price (of which can be referenced by their Kelley Blue Book prices). Similarly, these used cars (true cars) still have a lot of life left in them, as the average car on American roads is about 11 years old.

These used cars and trucks are a means to save you money in both the short-term and the long-term. If you’re leasing a car, most lenders will require about 10-20% down upon purchase. With a used car, that initial down payment will be nearly half as much as it would be with a new car. Likewise, cars and their longevity make for long-term investments, and if you can get your hands on a fairly new used car, well, you’re making a fantastic investment — one that will last for many years to come, all at a lower price.

So, between a used car and a new car, can either one be singularly defined as a true car? With how much money it will save you, maybe the used car is it.


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