2011 Jeep Compass First Drive Review


Video review of the 2011 Jeep Compass by TFL cars.

Video Rating: 4/5

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25 Replies to “2011 Jeep Compass First Drive Review”

  1. idanielutz says:

    any chance of a review for the MY14 Compass?

  2. 3232mikeymike says:

    lol your high…

  3. menofat1 says:

    lol the wrangler has a 4 speed transmission lmfao wtf is chysler thinking

  4. maxthehulk says:

    wow my comment is so old man from 10 months ago but thanks and i do not understand your point

  5. nostres20 says:

    wow, great comparison you prick! it is clearly said that the compass is a “baby” cherokee..

  6. prikljucak says:

    all American cars are same and stupid!

  7. 0812rs says:

    i know its quite nice at offroading but before u pick this over a crv, u must consider that this car only got 2 star out of 5 in the euroncap safety test

  8. 851995STARGATE says:

    I would so buy this over a CR-V

  9. abedryk says:

    …aam.. What does ‘TRAIL RATED’ mean? I want to buy ‘Limited’

  10. TheBowlingboy300 says:

    Was that the 4X4 compass?

  11. ClubbySuperCharged says:

    I lol’d when I saw that it only scored 2 stars in euroncap.

  12. maxthehulk says:

    jeep compass and jeep patriot are shame on jeeps

  13. maxthehulk says:

    my 2001 jeep cherokee limited 4.0 L i6 is better tougher and stronger

  14. mrmoparjeep says:

    get a grand

  15. BiHFSA says:

    The car looks beautiful until you see the back.

  16. Sebastian Conrad says:

    jeep will put the trail rated badge on anything! whats next, jeep gona rebadge the caravan and make that trail rated to. they could call it the humpty van, by jeep.

  17. Billy Sou says:

    The 2012 Patriot and Compass get motified CVT automatics. I guess there was a complaint about the ’11 versions of them.

  18. Billy Sou says:


    I like Pentastar that on a Liberty. The Powertech 4L V-6 is underpowered and its fuel economy is worse than Chrysler 300/ Dodge Charger V8 with AWD. The Liberty will be all new in ’13 from what I hear, and will have Fiat’s design. We’ll see what they’ve got on the pipeline.

  19. Billy Sou says:

    They’re both on the same platform (mainly through the Powertrain). Its main difference is in its styling. The Compass’ front and grille looks similar to the Grand Cherokee. The Patriot has a boxier shape, and Jeep says that its front looks like a Wrangler (I personally don’t see it as such). Pricewise, Patriot tend to cost a little less.

  20. Billy Sou says:

    Its main difference is its front facf facia; it looks similar to that of the Grand Cherokee. The Patriot’s similar facia is close to the Wrangler. Also, the Patriot is better suited for off-roading than the Compass; 2011 is the first time it gave the Jeep Trail rated badge. Where its the same are the powertrains.

  21. bucs042 says:

    my mo just got one of these its freakin slow

  22. msciciel14therope says:

    what about fuel economy?10-12 liters/100 km?:-)

  23. kanishq ruhil says:

    fiat should bring the diesel range of jeep to india as imports

    also the dodge and chrysler as a premium brand

  24. issamworld says:

    Don’t you think that now they must update the rear as well? The front look superb and sharp ,but the rear still looks boring. I guess they had the budget to only update the front or rather the budget to update the front of Cherokee and than copy paste it to a compass.

  25. Arun999 says:

    fucking youtube commercials

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