2012 Jeep Wrangler Pentastar review: a faster smoother more powerful classic

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2012 Jeep Wrangler lastly gets the new Chrysler Pentastar V-6 engine and five velocity automatic or 6 pace manual transmission to n…
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One thought on “2012 Jeep Wrangler Pentastar review: a faster smoother more powerful classic

  1. By the time Jeep moves to a diesel, there will new emission rules and once again, they will fall behind again.

  2. im waiting to see if jeep will put the new 3.0L diesel that ram and the grand cherokee are getting into the wrangler

  3. They aren’t going to put V8’s back in Wranglers. Simply just not going to happen. They already have half ass gas mileage as is.

  4. Land rovers are more expensive and I would not say they are nessarily better.

    The old land rovers were amazing and could last for years were as that is not the same with the new models.

  5. As an engineer u cannot compare cars by racing them behind each other. u have to do individual times in a similiar enviroment and record the data. The golf r vs the golf gti was not well done, in nascar they use the same slip routine to pass and hold… please raise your bar

  6. Buyer beware …. I have a brand new Jeep that needed repairs within the first 1,900 miles and Chrysler denied the repairs under warranty.

  7. Are you fucking retarded? Massive amounts of pollution? Clean diesel technology is better than ever nowadays. Let me guess you one of those hipster fools who think a hybrid is better for the environment you Government ass-licking sheep? Look into how a hybrid is made and how long they last… Diesels will run 20+ years or 1,000,000 miles with regular maintenance, let’s see a hybrid or even a gasser for that matter do that…

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  9. What type of jeep wrangler is best to just cruise around in citites, showing off? With a minimal amount of off-road on the side:)

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  11. It is funny because diesels are more environment friendly then gas engines…
    also funny how the us government supports buying hybrids when those stupid batteries are the real danger to the environment…
    and the loss of revenue could be true, but i dont think they give a shit the way they keep inflating the us debt… can someone say economic collapse? they just avoided the 2008 one by prolonging the problem not fixing it. that shits gonna come back and hit way harder

  12. you’re right. 15mpg is the norm on these things today, and thats just not acceptable, but we just keep buying them, and the US Gorvernment just keeps shutting down diesels.  Immagine the loss of revenue if mpg increased even 2mpg on all vehicles over night…

  13. I say put that new 3.0L CRD diesel. Best hwy MPG is 31, avg 28. all around in town and hwy combination, best 27, worst 23.

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