2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited | Video Tour


2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited video tour by Unique Chrysler, Ontario.
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25 Replies to “2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited | Video Tour”

  1. Fabricio Casano says:

    Warning !
    This model Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 have a great problem !!!! Produce a misterious whistle noise at 30-60 mph deceleration… an innaceptable noise in a 50.000 $ car. Have a look at foro: jeepgarage and also you can see videos about this noise in youtube.

  2. luilli007pr says:

    Wao, my dream car jajaja. It’s expense for me I think

  3. keechmabreeks says:

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  4. wiibaron says:

    In America we call ‘side panels’ doors!  We are crazy like that…

  5. yyaahhyyaa1 says:

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  6. أبو الذيـب الشمري says:

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  8. ibrahim ALSHAIKH says:

    Jeep is naic car

  9. AlexMusic16 says:

    @vzdvucn yes i mean it. this is really fantastic. Listen, really lucky that i registered and got my brand new nissan for cheap price from this website. you can also get it from here -> bit.ly/101nCVV?=iebjro

  10. tystorm23 says:

    This isnt a jeep cherokee. Suck my fuck.

  11. sawink says:

    This is not a review it is an OVERVIEW. ..a msrketing overview at that. I am sick of this. Learn proper definitions.

  12. James Davies says:

    Jeep Disney and Bi Coastal Radio together again! Also you can rent wifi for the day so there yo go. Shout out to the Corona (Toronto) GWins, Bar Checks and Clinton Sharks in PLH (NHL).

  13. manuel salvatierra says:

    Central America has some of the toughest terrains and people here prefer TOYOTA. It’s been tested over time and they are simply accustomed to it. Parts and mechanics to keep your TOYOTA maintained are easy to find. And the biggest problem. Only one dealer distributing JEEP pumping up the price 50% on average over US prices, not kidding. Over here a JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO 4×2 starts at $45,000.

  14. Iambigcougar says:

    I love my older 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. This has a lot of features I would never use.

  15. UniqueChrysler says:

    We cover the diesel engine option in our video 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland video! The diesel engine isn’t a available in the Laredo or the Limited, only the Overland and Summit trim models. Check out our video library for our Overland video, or click the Annotation link in this video above!

  16. shredfactor7 says:

    question you didnt give the diesel engine with specs how come? just curious 😀 😀

  17. GlobalSM says:

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  18. BusinessPrivateNet says:

    We do not understand that. As far as we know, over there in USA they also have hot summers, high temperatures. But, did you try any European cars, such as: Dacia Duster, Citroen C-Crosser, FIAT Campagnola, IVECO Massif, Renault Koleos or Land Rover Defender.

  19. Luis T says:

    No Canada is part of Cuba n United States

  20. Igor Peshevych says:

    No, Canada is a part of Brazil.

  21. Dean Malkani says:

    Just for the family…..

  22. UniqueChrysler says:

    Coming from Canada, that is actually pretty interesting to hear. In most parts of Canada we have the exact opposite issue! People have to use Block Heaters, plugged in over night, that keeps the coolant in the block at or near operating temperature.

  23. sever bawaee says:

    nice video.But the General motors have to modify their cars for middle east because I’m from Iraq and we have millions of Chrysler jeep Chevy and ford but ford has already made their modification for hot weather.here in Iraq in summer it gets over 125f .unlucky many people don’t like the us cars for its problems in hot weather

  24. Luis T says:

    Yea he had one of those mobile phones. He had that car for about 15years

  25. UniqueChrysler says:

    Oh, I see. Fair enough then. The 1988 Cherokee Limited with a phone in it! That’s really cool!

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