3 Crucial Steps To Avoid Buying A Total Lemon

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If you’re in the market for a new car, then perhaps you should consider getting in the market for a used car instead. Every year, about 3.3 used cars are sold for every new model in the United States. That’s because buying a used car is usually 35 – 40% cheaper than buying a new car.

But — and this is a big but — you can quickly burn through extra savings with repair costs if you buy the wrong used car. And if you get stuck with a useless lemon, you might find yourself back in the market for a car a lot sooner than you anticipated. So if you’re wondering what to look for in a used car, here’s a few tips to avoid buying the wrong car…

What to look for in a used car? Auto Scammers…

If you’re looking at cars on sites like Craigslist, then you’re rolling the dice with your hard earned money.┬áIt’s not that you can’t find great deals or quality used cars online, you often can, but it’s also the most common hunting grounds for con artists and scammers trying to unload lemons on unsuspecting consumers. Always choose a reputable car dealer, and if you want to know the list of trusted card dealers, click here to read it.

Many auto hustlers will fix up a junk car so that it can make it through the test drive and the ride back to your house, but then give out after a few hundred miles. Other scammers avoid legal restrictions and regulations placed on used car dealers by selling under the table online, where they can more easily take advantage of people like you.

Never buy a car online from someone that wasn’t personally recommended. The risk is just too high.

What to look for in a used car for parents? Safety…

By 2015, even the oldest used cars still have modern safety features like side air bags and antilock brakes. Even so, if you plan to drive around in a used car with children, make sure it has all the safety features your family deserves. How can you make sure you’re buying only the safest used cars? Simple…

What to look for in a used car? Pre owned vehicles…

Most carmakers have a certified pre owned car program. If you’re in the market for a used car, try and find certified pre owned vehicles at a local dealership. These cars will have been inspected, and so you’ll know they meet certain quality standards. Even if you don’t go to an official dealership, many reputable used car lots will be able to offer you a detailed history of the cars on their lot.

What to look for in a used car? Is the deal too good to be true?

If a deal sounds truly unbelievable, then it probably is. Don’t get taken in with promises of a deal of a lifetime. If you’re still wondering what to look for when purchasing a used car, then don’t simply buy the cheapest vehicle you can find. You can quickly burn through a used cars value in auto service costs and replacement parts.

Don’t get stuck with a total lemon. Do your research and take your time to find the right car, at the right price.

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