3 Tips for Buying a Used Car From Your Local Subaru Dealer

Used subaru dealers

It?s time for a new car, and you?ve found yourself invariably drawn to Subarus. Why not? They?re a great, globally renowned brand and there are Subaru dealers locally available no matter what major city you?re located near.

If you?re trying to decide exactly which car to get, though, you may not be quite so decisive. So, exactly what should you keep in mind as you?re shopping around at used car dealerships? Here?s a few tips.

Know What You Can Afford

Dealerships exist for a reason: to sell cars. And sell they will! Sometimes, you?ll find that the upsell is worth your money. After all — some people truly get a lot of use out of their sunroofs or their heated seats. If you?re trying to stick to a specific budget, though, you?re going to need to be firm. Often the car you want will be ?located on a different lot? until you agree to wait for it, or go to the other lot — and then one is somehow found on the car lot in question.

Not All Pre Owned Cars Are the Same

Most larger dealerships will offer you a complimentary Carfax report on your choice vehicle. If they don?t, though, you?re going to want to pay for it. What should you be looking for in a used car? Low mileage but consistent usage is always ideal. Although everyone wants a ?granny car? (a car used to go to the grocery store a few times a week), what you don?t want is the ?garage car? — a car from five years ago with, say, 20,000 miles because it barely left the house.

Long dormant periods are not necessarily good for cars that are built for regular usage. Additionally, be on the lookout for records of any major accidents in the car?s history. Any car that?s been through water damage should be a definite no — and this is important to check for considering that about 25% of cars that have suffered flood damage find their way to auto dealerships.

Have it Inspected by Your Mechanic

Chances are, any car you buy from Subaru dealers locally is going to work okay; they?re not going to risk their reputation on giving you a fault vehicle. Your chances of getting a lemon after buying something off Craigslist are a lot higher. However, it is still worth your time to bring it into a mechanic. They may notice smaller issues, like brakes that need to be replaced within the next six months; you might be able to use this information to get a better deal on the vehicle.

Will you be visiting Subaru dealers locally this month? Let us know in the comments.

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