4 Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle to Send Your Child to College

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As the summer begins to wind down, many young adults will be headed to college for the first time. Moving onto campus requires a long purchase list, including educational materials, dorm furniture, and a vehicle. Your new college student will require their own source of transportation. With so many vehicle choices to choose from, it can be a difficult decision to make. Your college student wants something flashy and fast, while you want something reliable and dependable. Consider compromise with these car buying recommendations.

Consider a used, new vehicle

A used, new vehicle is an automobile that has been used before. However, it usually has fewer miles and is better taken care of. Used cars for sale offer the best deals. You are likely already paying a lot for your student?s tuition and study materials, so spending too much on a vehicle may just not be an option. Used cars for sale are a popular choice, especially for younger, college aged adults. In 2015, manufacturer certified pre owned vehicle sales reached 2.55 million units. Car buyers enjoy the discounted, yet reliable used cars option.

Always purchase certified

Purchasing a certified vehicle from the auto dealership ensures that the used vehicle is protected. Certified pre owned means that the dealership is backing the vehicle. If you have any problems within a specified number of years, they will repair the vehicle. Some certified pre owned vehicles include tire rotations, oil changes, and vehicle inspections. This is a great option for young adults heading to college, because it ensures that they have a working vehicle at all times. Many car dealers also have numerous dealerships, allowing your student to schedule their own inspections.

Consider their driving needs

There are many different types of vehicles to choose from. Consider your student?s driving needs to make this decision. If they will be transporting many items to and from school regularly, a larger SUV or used trucks may be a better option. If they do not have much to transport and will be driving many miles to and from school, traditional used cars for sale may be ideal. In 2016, light trucks sales increased more than 7%. In fact, 60.6% of vehicle sales in the U.S. were light trucks, while cars made up 39.4% of sales. Trucks tend to be a popular choice, but this does not mean that a truck is the best option for your college student.

Pay attention to mileage

Anytime you are purchasing used cars for sale, you want to take the mileage into account. Older cars tend to have more miles and although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it should be considered. Cars with more miles do not last as long and may not be the most reliable option for a student driving thousands of miles per year. According to HIS Markit Research, more than 20 million vehicles on the road in 2021 will be over 25 years old. If you are going to purchase an older car or truck with a lot of miles on it, choose something that is certified pre owned.

In just a little over a month, thousands of young adults will head to college for the first time. They will cram their vehicles full of their belongings and will drive to their new home for the next four years. One of the best things you can do, as a parent, to prepare your student for college is to provide them with a reliable vehicle. You can also help them by enrolling them to anĀ online IGCSE physics tuition. They will require dependable transportation while on campus. Used cars for sale are an affordable option, but be sure you are purchasing something that is certified with a warranty. You also want to consider your student?s driving needs and the mileage on the vehicle. This vehicle will be an important part of their lives for minimally, the next four years.

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