5 Commonly Replaced Truck Accessories and Parts Truckers Should Know

If you own a semi-truck, there comes a time when you’ll need to consider semi truck repair that needs parts replacement or adding accessories that can keep your truck running efficiently and safely on the road.

Although some parts trucks parts wear out or get damaged easily and so they’ll need replacement more than others. For this reason, it’s important to choose reliable trucks for improved performance.

If you are truck owner, here are some of the commonly replaced semi truck accessories and replacement parts

Truck Lighting

Lights are one of the most replaced parts in a truck and perhaps it because of their importance ensuring maximum road visibility for safe driving.

Proper lighting is an essential safety element for all automobiles — whether carrying passengers or transporting goods. For trucks especially, they require several different types of lights that are used to illuminate different areas on the road with specific instructions.

Some of the truck lights include driving, fog lights, and off-road lights, which are also available in various types such as tailgate, bed and safety lights, flood, diffusion, scene and spot beam.

Also, there are plenty of semi truck accessories for lighting designed to illuminate other areas such as running boards, truck beds, side step and toolbox. Kits come in a wide range of styles, size and colors for different needs, see the electrical systems at Affordable Heavy Truck Parts website.

Accent lighting such as LED marker lights from TE is also available for truckers who’re looking to transform the looks on their trucks. Despite the plenty of lighting options in the market, finding a reliable piece can be a challenge since there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of light.

Many of these factors, however, revolves around the quality of light materials or the technology used — and these are variables that you should consider when buying lights for your truck.

Truck Wheels Accessories

Semi truck wheel accessories such as hub caps, simulators, cup spinners, nut, axle and wheel covers are used to protect and customize wheels. Most of them are made using stainless steel and chrome plastic for longevity and efficiency.

Steering Wheel Accessories

Other essential semi truck accessories are for the steering and they include spinners, horns and steering covers. These accessories are particularly important because they give you maximum steering control and improve your driving experience.

For steering covers, choose a leather one that offers a better grip and has a nice rustic look. Other materials used to make these covers are alligator skin, memory foam, PVC Coated Fabric or synthetic materials. Spinners or horn buttons can be a great addition to your steering wheel as it not only looks good but also helps with the navigation.

Dash Accessories

Complete your truck dashboard with a range of accessories that are both aesthetic and functional. Examples include controller knobs, lighter knob and trailer or tractor knobs, which are often replaced.

Use color extenders to specific different types of toggle switches on the dash. Other semi truck accessories for the dash you can choose include coffee holder, ashtray, vents, handles, switch plates and more.


Clutch is also a commonly replaced part, especially in big haul trucks, and it’s used to engage and disengage power transmission between the engine and the gearbox.

The reason why clutch gets damaged or wear out easily could be normal clutch use or driving mistakes such as clutch overloading or riding on the clutch pedal. To ensure the engine to the gearbox transmission line is not damaged further, consider replacing your clutch the moment it develops a problem or stops working normally.

There is a vast ocean of semi truck accessories and replacement parts and above are just some of the commonly replaced ones for more truck customization, safety and improving driver’s experience. Ensure regular truck inspection of all the critical components is necessary for improved truck performance.

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