9 Ways To Boost Your Car’s Horsepower

Vehicles outfitted with performance aftermarket parts continues to gain traction. Acura, Hyundai, and Subaru are popular choices for aftermarket parts for cars outfitting. In the United States in 2017, auto aftermarket sales was $287 billion with a projected growth rate through 2020 of 3.6%.

Everybody wants more horsepower. Whatever your car, you want more horsepower. The following are 9 ways you can increase horsepower to your performance Hyundai, Acura, and Subaru cars.

  1. Cold air intake. You want Hyundai performance? Cold, dense air has more volume, more molecules per square inch to mix with your car’s fuel, which is the act of combustion. If your car breathes denser, colder, cleaner air, it will perform more powerfully. Cold air intakes increase horsepower in this manner. Aftermarket cold air intakes are often 3 times larger than standard automotive factory intakes. Install a performance cold-air intake and you’ll have more power.
  2. High-flow air filter and intake. Swap out your factory air filter for a high performance high-flow filter. This step is a quick and easy way to get a few more “horses.” Caution: Make sure that your performance air filter meets your state’s legal requirements, however.
  3. Performance exhaust for Hyundai performance. Install a larger diameter exhaust for your Hyundai and you will gain more horsepower. As your car breathes in through the intake, it exhales through the exhaust. You want your performance car to exhale carbon monoxide, so that it can more quickly and efficiency intake and use oxygen.
  4. Go “Fast and Furious.” A supercharger will give your Hyundai performance and additional horsepower. If you want real ‘punch’ for your car, a supercharger will do just that. Your car’s horsepower may increase by as much as 50% with this upgrade. Plus, it’ll feel good to feel your car jump when you hit the gas pedal.
  5. Turbocharge, baby. The supercharger’s cousin the turbocharger is another upgrade for more horsepower. Turbochargers increase horsepower by as much as 25%, sometimes more. The “green” recycling effect of your car’s exhaust is part of the secret of the power of the turbocharger. Supercharge on the way in and turbocharge on the way out.
  6. Add nitrous oxide. Nitrous, as long as it is legal to use in your state and you can afford it, will give a quick “Fast and Furious” boost to your car’s horsepower. A nitrous kit is portable and is a good equalizer for the turbo “lag” you get from your turbocharger.
  7. Water injection. A boost in horsepower is not the only side effect you’ll get from a water injection kit, you’ll also increase gas mileage and get a reduction in carbon build up in your car’s combustion chambers. The gain in horsepower comes in conjunction with super- and turbochargers.
  8. Camshaft for Hyundai performance. You want your Hyundai to have more get-up-and-go, install a performance camshaft. The flip side is that it is an expensive upgrade and your car will get noisier. If you’re looking for stealth, avoid the performance camshaft.
  9. Reprogram your car’s computer. By using a device to reflash or remap your car’s computer, you’ll get more horsepower, torque, and more fuel efficiency.

Go to your local auto parts store stocked with car performance parts and look to upgrade one, some, or all of these upgrades. You’ll get more performance and more horsepower. Enjoy the ride!

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