Before Handing Over The Keys, Make Sure Your Teen Is Prepared

All teenagers look forward to the day when they get their licence, but as parents we tend to dread that day. While we trust our kids, we also know that driving can be dangerous, and not everyone obeys the ‘rules of the road’. One of the best ways to prepare our teens is by enrolling them in a drivers ed course.

The Benefits Of Drivers Ed

Drivers training isn’t mandatory in a lot of states, and while some high schools offer driving lessons, too often they’re put on the back burner. By finding a driving school near you, especially during the summer, you can offer your teen an easy way to earn their licence, while also giving them invaluable knowledge about safe driving. A couple of the most significant benefits of drivers ed classes can include:

  • Lower Insurance Costs. Teens that complete drivers training are often eligible for significant insurance discounts. This can be beneficial to parents who are looking to add their kids to their policies, as they won’t have to worry about rising premiums. Additionally, some insurance companies will even recommend driving courses that they recommend for teens.
  • Mechanical Know-How. Being able to change a tire, or identify critical parts under the hood, can be the difference between taking action, and panicking on the side of the road. Even as adults we can still be prone to this. Many drivers training facilities make it a point to teach basic auto mechanic training knowledge to students. This can give teens a reliable understanding of their vehicles, and can teach them how to deal with any issues that may occur while driving. We all remember the first time we got a flat tire, especially if we didn’t know how to change it. Arming our teens with the know-how they need will help make them more comfortable, and confident while out on the road.
  • The Rules of the Road. Let’s face it, every time we drive we come across someone who can use a refresher course on these particular rules. Though most of us have come to remember only enough to get us through the written exams, having the rules of the road be taught, and demonstrated, helps cement them into the brain. Because students are required to not only pass a written test during training, but also perform them on a controlled course, they are more likely to remember everything they should. Truthfully, I think many of us could benefit from sitting in during these lessons!
  • Influenced Driving. One crucial part of drivers training is the use of video series that demonstrate the devastation of driving while under the influence. While we can tell our kids these dangers, seeing the evidence played out on screen can help drive home that message. Some courses even partner with local law enforcement, with officers giving talks about their own experiences with drunk or impaired drivers. These lessons can stick with teens, and remind them that dangerous driving is never worth the risk. If you ever get hit by a drunk driver, we recommend you find a car accident law firm to assist you with the legal proceedings that will follow.
  • Defensive Driving. Drivers training courses focus on defensive driving, and some even offer special certificates to students who complete specified lessons. These courses include tips on spotting aggressive drivers, avoiding accidents, and when pulling off the road is the best course of action. Students can also be taught how best to drive in inclement weather. Additionally, students who complete these specific courses may also be eligible for additional insurance discounts. If your teen ever gets into an accident, you can hire auto accident attorneys for legal help.
  • Responsibility. Overall drivers training course instill a sense of responsibility in students. It teaches that when they are behind the wheel, they are responsible for the lives of everyone else in the vehicle. The weight of that knowledge can be sobering, and make teens stop and think before driving recklessly. This improves their sense of safety, and causes them to take their driver status more seriously. And if you’re wondering on how an accident claim is valued, then read this here on Charbonnet Law Firm. You may also consult with car accident attorneys in case your teenage kid gets involved in a road accident.

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