Beginner Driving Schools — How These Lessons Help Create Safer and Smarter Drivers

For drivers between 16 and 19, the fatality rate is four times higher than that of drivers aged 25 to 69. For teens just starting to get behind the wheel, enrolling in a driving school Cairns is essential to ensuring that they not only know the rules of the road but how to drive safely and defensively.

The Benefits of Beginner Driving School

Teens who have completed a beginner driving course have a strong advantage over those who have never attended driving school. Statistic show that teens who start driving without proper training are:

  • 16% more likely to get into an accident.
  • 24% more likely to get into an accident that causes injury or death.
  • 75% more likely to receive a traffic ticket.

Because beginner driving schools emphasize correct driving procedures, as well as how to drive defensively, teens learn how to prevent driving behaviors that can lead to tickets and potentially disastrous accidents. They also provide 5 hour pre licensing classes for better chances of getting a driver’s license.

State Laws

One of the biggest benefits of attending driving school is that they teach laws that are specific to your state and location. Certified instructors stay up to date and only teach what teens need to know in order to obey the laws in their neighborhoods. Student drivers may take a free drivers practice test to get a higher chance in passing and getting a license.

Proper Etiquette

While following the law is important, beginner driving schools also teach proper etiquette like yielding to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. In a world where road rage is prevalent, it’s important to know how to best navigate the roads without potentially angering other drivers.


While you can learn a bit from videos and textbooks, it’s important for new drivers to have some experience under their belts before they hit the road on their own. A beginner driving school can provide hands-on experience under the supervision of a trained instructor. This is especially helpful in situations where inclement weather, such as snow or rain, can make driving more difficult. Having the experience and understanding of how to handle these situations can help new drivers stay calm and prevent panic should a new driver find themselves in one of these conditions.


Experience is also great for instilling new drivers with confidence once they get out on their own. This can also decrease the risk of panicking or freezing up in stressful situations, while also allowing them to make safer decisions and trust their training guide them through a variety of situations. If you are not comfortable driving at night because you can’t see well, this is a pretty good indication that you may need transparent mens glasses.

Reducing Recklessness

Recklessness is something that uneducated drivers can be prone to. Without the proper experience, it can be easy to underestimate potentially dangerous situations and as a result, end up in an accident which can lead to a driving offence. If you don’t want to lose your license in this situation, you can get legal help from traffic lawyers Melbourne. While attending driving school, students will be shown the dangers of reckless driving and educated on why safety should always come first. In case you get involved in a road accident caused by a reckless driver, you should protect your rights by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer or auto accident attorney.

Learning to drive is a huge milestone for every teenager; however, it’s important for them to understand how to safely navigate when behind the wheel. By learning from a trained instructor, students will not only learn the laws specific to their states but also how to navigate properly around other drivers to prevent altercations and accidents. They will also learn how to handle difficult situations, including how to handle driving during inclement weather. All of this can help students gain a sense of confidence that can help them grow to become safe drivers overall.

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