Being a Trucker Means Taking Care of Your Rig

When you order clothing or some other item from a store or e-commerce site, do you wonder how it winds up on your doorstep. It probably gets there via the mail or a delivery company, but long before then, it had to get from some warehouse to your city. While some items travel by train, chances are many of the items you get came by semi truck. About 71.5% of the nation’s freight based on weight. For someone who wants a job that pays well and doesn’t require a lot of education or training, trucking can be a lucrative career.

If you want to be a semi truck driver, you typically have to take a training course. Some companies offer their own courses, but you often have to take a course through a local or area community coverage. These courses usually take a few months, and the company hiring you often will pay the costs as long as you pass. If you are going to work as an independent driver, then you likely will have to pay for training yourself.

Another thing to consider along with becoming a truck driver is the maintenance of your vehicle. If you are employed by a trucking company, then maintenance and repair of trucks likely will be taken care of by the company. However, if you are an independent driver, then you probably will be on the hook for much of your maintenance costs. This can include paying for truck replacement parts such as semi steering wheels or adding truck accessories. For example, you might have to install mirrors to meet state laws that can require you to have at least two hundred feet of view to the rear of your vehicle. These maintenance costs are something to be taken into consideration if you are thinking about becoming an independent driver. Paying for things like new semi steering wheels, new tires or other parts and accessories can really take a bite out of your earnings as a trucker. If you can get a job as a paid driver rather than going your own as an independent, that might be the better choice.

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