Beware of Knock-Off Aftermarket Parts

In the racing world, people who need performance may be tempted to choose the cheapest aftermarket racing parts. This is not the smartest option, especially if the part is being used on an important component of the vehicle. Because of reliability issues, owners have a struggle when deciding where to get their Subaru replacement parts. Here are some reasons to avoid simply purchasing cheap Subaru replacement parts.

There are those that want to have an expensive part look but not spend the aftermarket price for high-quality parts. It is like buying a pair of off-brand sneakers to look like you have the real deal. Then, in your first basketball game, the sole falls off and the laces disintegrate. The problem with purchasing knock-off aftermarket parts is that these parts can literally kill you if they are not tested properly, and were purchased just for looks.

Wheel Failure

Wheels are one of the fanciest replacement parts. The more low-profile the higher the price. Often times, when cheaper parts are used, problems ensue. There have been cases when the spokes shattered completely. Wheels have cracked all the way around the rim, rendering the wheel useless. If the buyer knew this was going to happen they would have spent the extra $50 or $100 to get a reliable aftermarket product. Then there are all of the other damage that happens to the vehicle as a consequence.

Cheap Turbo Blanket

There are many examples of cheap parts not doing what they were designed to do. For example, a turbo blanket is designed to keep heat out of the car. During normal driving, a knock-off part might function properly but while immersed in a racing environment, it could fail. In a specific case, while on the race track, the part failed and caught on fire. The consequences affected many other parts of the vehicle and one faulty part wound up costing more money to fix. It would have been cheaper to purchase the more expensive part in the beginning.

Air Intakes and Silicone Hoses

These may be the most common low-budget purchases. They are designed to take in air for improved performance. However, when cheap aftermarket parts are installed, they may do the exact opposite. When running full throttle, they can actually collapse and constrict airflow resulting in the exact opposite of what it was designed to do. The tricky thing is, when you take your foot off of the gas, it expands again so this is a difficult problem to identify and fix. Many drivers have wasted hours and money trying to figure this problem out.

The concept of purchasing parts is a lot like hiring a contractor. Just because someone gives you a cheap price doesn’t mean you should go with them. A lot of times, the price is cheaper because they are inexperienced, don’t have the tools, or don’t have the staff. In either one of these scenarios, they are significantly more disadvantaged than other more expensive contractors.

The same is true when dealing with these knock-off, aftermarket parts dealers. They do not have the experience or the testing environments to prove whether or not their products can stand high-pressure experiences. Yet, they can still legally place their Subaru replacement parts for sale online. It is the buyer’s responsibility to understand the differences between a quality aftermarket product and a knock-off imitation and make an informed decision.

Purchasing aftermarket parts is not bad. In fact, there are many reputable companies out there that sell great aftermarket parts. As mentioned earlier, the problem develops when life-saving parts are purchased that have not been properly tested for quality, and simply look like a higher-end part. These parts may fail when under racing pressure and end up causing more problems for the car and driver. Finding reliable Subaru replacement parts for Subaru upgrades should be purchased with great care so the exhilaration of racing can be enjoyed.

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