Breathalyzer 101 How to be Smart and Safe

No one knows your body like you do and it’s easy to get carried away when you have a couple drinks. Though you might feel like you’re fine, there’s a high chance that you have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) that is over the legal limit, which is in most states 0.08. Each day in the United States, around 28 people die due to accidents caused by drunk driving. No matter what, it’s always safest to have someone sober drive you home, either a friend or by a taxi or ride service. To best way to know how much alcohol you have in your system is by purchasing a car breathalyzer. Before we delve into car breathalyzer prices, let’s establish what a breathalyzer does and the different types on the market.

What Does it Do?

A car breathalyzer is a vital gadget that monitors the amount of alcohol you have in your blood through your breath. Once thought to only be used by cops, breathalyzers have advanced for the use of the average citizen, especially by those who have been convicted of a DUI or DWI. For those that have been convicted, it might be necessary to install a car breathalyzer with an ignition interlock device.

Ignition Interlock

For recovering alcoholics and those convicted of DUIs/DWIs, an ignition interlock device is a discreet breathalyzer that will prevent the individual from driving the car if they have a BAC over the pre-set level, usually around 0.02. If the driver’s BAC is over the limit, then the car simply won’t start. The interlock device will continuously check the driver’s BAC while driving, demanding that the driver take a rolling retest when the car is in motion. This is to ensure your BAC remains at a stable level and does not exceed the limit. As alcohol dissolves into your blood over time, you may have a higher level than when you started. If your BAC is over the pre-set level, then the car will prompt you to pull over, usually by means of loud sounds or lights, according to Guardian Interlock’s blog.

Do They Really Help?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: when car crashes resulting from alcohol cost more than $59 billion annually, car breathalyzer prices are a small amount to pay for ensured safety. Installing an interlock device on a car reduces the chance of repeat drunk driving offenses by nearly 40% compared to drivers without the interlock. This is the easiest, safest way to prevent drunk driving accidents. Breathalyzers will not only help the individual get to know their own bodily limits, but utilizing this tool can help save hundreds of lives annually. Car breathalyzer prices vary from company to company but businesses like QuickStart Ignition offer affordable, reliable options to keep the roads — and you — safe.

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