Buy American, Buy Ford How Ford Maintains a Tradition of Excellence

Most of us take for granted just how technology has changed our lives. Over a century ago the very idea of commuting to a workplace that was more than 10 miles away from our homes would be nearly impossible without a horse and buggy — today nearly every family owns a vehicle and is able to work, shop, and vacation in locations that could only be dreamed of in earlier centuries. In order to better appreciate the automobile, it may be helpful to look into the history of one of America’s greatest motor companies.
The History of the Automobile

Throughout the 19th century, a number of American and European inventors strived to develop what would become the world’s first automobile. As early as 1768, the French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot created the first steam-powered automobile capable of human transportation; in 1807 another French inventor, Francois Isaac de Rivaz invented the first internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen in Switzerland; it was not until 1886 that the German inventor Karl Benz would invent the first automobile power by gasoline. All of these inventors paved the way for what would become the world’s first affordable automobile, the Model T produced by the Ford Motor Company. The Model T sold for $850 when it was first released in 1908; by 1925 Ford’s innovative assembly line production allowed the price to dip down to $300, marking the Model T as the nation’s first truly affordable vehicle. In 1927 Ford outdid itself by producing the Model A which sold for $850; the Model A was a supped-up improvement on the Model T equipped with a 2-cylinder engine that rendered it capable of achieving maximum speeds of 30 miles per hour (which was fast for the time)! The Mustang was later released in 1964 and is almost single-handedly responsible for creating a generation of car enthusiasts as muscle cars came onto the scene.
Why Ford Continues to Lead the Pack

Today Ford continues to dominate the American automotive industry owning 14.7% of the United States auto market share. Its commitment to high quality ford service and customer satisfaction have continued to distinguish Ford as its sales continue to increase, generating some $144 billion in revenue for 2014. One of the best selling vehicles in Scaffidi Ford Dealership belongs to the F-Series of trucks which have been the nation’s best selling pickup truck for 37 consecutive years and the best-selling overall vehicle for 32 straight years averaging around 745,747 F-Series sales every year since 1998.
Why Buy a Used Car or Truck from Ford?

There is nothing wrong with buying new vehicles, but most people tend to shy away from spending their cash on a new car or truck as they are afraid of the severe depreciation the vehicle will experience as soon as they drive off the lot — naturally this is a very good reason to instead buy a used car or truck. Buying a used car or truck from Ford is a good move as Ford has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any American manufacturer; many people choose to buy a used car or truck from Ford due to the reliably of their vehicles as well as their ability to maintain value over the years. Before purchasing a used car, be sure to do your research — there are a number of websites and services designed to give you a comprehensive vehicle history report to decrease the risk of buying a used vehicle; most newer used Fords come with manufacturer backed warranties as well to ensure that you’re happy with your Ford car or truck. But of course, it is a different case when you are looking for pre owned cars, in that scenario, we suggest to look for Pre Owned Ford Vehicles online, this way you’ll be able to compare car dealers.

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