By Popular Demand Why Everyone Wants to Drive a Buick SUV

Bucik suv

If there was a ever a comeback kid, the Buick suv is it. With an eco-savvy market teeming with young, eager, and conscious buyers, Buick cars and Buick sport utility vehicles such as the Buick Acadia have broken new ground and earned their ranks among the likes of the “hip” crowd.

It’s safe to say that the comeback kid has outgrown it’s stale reputation as the mousy family Buick that belongs to Pop and matured into a sleek, stylish, and even sexy new car that offers a whole lot of value and then some. This is especially impressive given the less than favorable reputation of suvs. Even though it may seem a little tacky to drive an suv in today’s intensely eco-conscious climate, compact Buick suvs have done surprisingly well.

So why does it seem like everyone suddenly wants to drive a Buick suv? Sure, shiny marketing campaigns are apart of the hype, but new Buick models and suvs have a swagger all their own. Peep this:

They’re easy to drive

If a car is great for seniors, isn’t it safe to assume that it would also be great or even better for all drivers in general? Yeah, pretty much. The same reason why Buick became so popular with seniors is the same reason why it’s now popular with everyone else. Because of their large size and height, sport utility vehicles aren’t always easy or pleasurable to drive, and the ride may be a bit bumpy. Like Buick sedans, Buick suvs provide a comfortable cruise regardless of the terrain and are incredibly easy to drive.

They’re more bang for your buck

Automotive manufacturer’s use well-crafted price strategies to convey a variety of messaging, such as a sense of luxury and value. While some car manufacturers price some vehicle models in the same range as their European competitors and others attempt to lower prince points in order to hook young buyers, Buick continues to coast somewhere in the middle. Buick offers a variety of models ranging from luxury to utility. Buick cars and suvs have always been known for their value and affordability. Even their leaner models still make you feel as though you’re riding in style and lacking for nothing.

They’re surprisingly stylish

Throughout it’s most recent marketing strategies, Buick used a witty self-deprecating sense of humor to poke a little fun at its geriatric reputation. Needless to say, consumers took the bait. Buick was able to use humor as a way to grab consumers’ attention to showcase their bottom line: really good cars. It was as if consumers were able to see the quality and stylish of Buick cars for the first time, instead of instinctively assuming they were lame. Buick’s new designs are eye-catching, head-turning, and even hipster approved.

So why not test drive a Buick suv for yourself and see what the hype is all about? Although you probably never saw yourself driving a Buick, there’s no denying their quality or value.

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