Car Customization Takes Your Purchase To A Whole New Level Aftermarket Tips For Subaru Owners

You bought a new car…and aren’t entirely happy with it. What now?

You could always take it back to the manufacturer and ask them a few questions about your vehicle’s performance. You could also trade it in for another type. For those that aren’t interested in either option, this might just be your nudge in the direction of car customization. Americans are known for being a car loving culture, right up to and including tweaking a vehicle until it’s perfect. Many of today’s brands are nearly as flexible as a set of Legos, offering you endless opportunities for more.

Do you have a Subaru or a Mitsubishi? Here are a few useful tips for getting the most out of your purchase without starting over from scratch.

Today’s Dynamic Car Sales Statistics

Before we look into Cosmis wheels or the benefits of a Cusco roll cage, let’s get the bigger picture on the car industry. The American automotive aftermarket is estimated to be a $285 billion industry, with a compound annual growth rate of 3%. This is expected to hold steady through 2020, to boot, and is considered pretty steady in comparison to other markets. Back in 2017 nearly 80 million cars were sold around the world. Despite the rise of used cars and many discussions about eco-friendly travel, the future is looking bright for car manufacturing.

The Future Of Car Manufacturing

Did you know China currently ranks as the number one car manufacturer in the world? When it comes to reliable brands, however, Japan still steals the show in several areas. You can’t discuss car customization without bringing up the longevity of Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Honda. A 2018 study found nearly 60,000 Subaru vehicles being sold around the United States — the number of cars produced worldwide also increased by 3% between 2016 and 2017. The future of manufacturing hinges not just on changes in lifestyle, but changes in budget.

Why There Are More Used Cars Around

You likely see more used cars than new cars while driving around. You might just have a used Subaru yourself. A recent study on this phenomenon determined nearly 15 million vehicles on the road today are at least 25 years old — this is an increase from eight million back in 2002. Used cars hit a sweet spot for many buyers for the happy balance between a lower price and high quality. Should you have a Japanese brand on hand you can also enjoy the benefits of customization.

Popular Aftermarket Parts For Beginners

How do you improve the performance of your car? You swap out what isn’t working. Performance parts for cars are easier to find than ever, thanks to thriving e-commerce rates — the global aftermarket industry is set to hit $720 billion once 2020 comes around. A new set of Cosmis wheels could be just what you need to make your car operate more smoothly, especially if you haven’t changed them in a while. For those that are concerned about racing parts, make sure you have a good fuel surge tank, first.

Preferred Adjustments For Experienced Car Owners

If you’ve customized your car a few times before, you can look beyond superficial switches and go deeper. Speed is often the concern of experienced car buyers — why invest in a brand with a big reputation unless you plan on milking it for all its worth? To make your Subaru WRX STI the fastest it can possibly be, consider buying a new turbo to push it beyond 500 horsepower. Subaru aftermarket parts can offer you minor replacement parts — like Cosmis wheels or rims — alongside bigger investments. If you have racing on your mind, consider looking into a roll cage for extra safety.

From Cosmis wheels to Subaru upgrades, there’s a whole new world for you to explore on your way to a better car.

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