Caring for Fresh Auto Paint

You just got new auto paint done on your car, so of course you want to protect it. Even several weeks after the painting is done, you’ll still need to put in special care to keep it in good condition. You don’t want to damage the finish. One thing you should consider is applying an xpel paint protection film on your car to add a layer of protection for your car paint.

First, be sure not to wash the car right away.

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Give it a few weeks first. And when you finally do wash it, do so with a diluted cleaner. Make sure that the cleaner is wax-free, too. The wax is going to have to wait. After using the diluted cleaner, follow up with plain water to rinse. There will be contaminants building up on top of the car that need to be removed.

Clay can be used to lift whatever has stuck onto the car. However, some paints can be scratched by claying. Different paints have different softness levels that determine sensitivity. If you scratch the car trying to remove contaminants, foam polishing can take out the damage.

Taking care of your auto paint as it sets can be difficult, but you will see improvements if you take care to remove the elements. If you can keep your car in a garage or covered area, that helps as well.

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