What Drivers Have to Look Forward to With the New FIAT Chrysler Merger

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Last week marked the beginning of a highly anticipated goal for the recent Chrysler FIAT merger. The newly merged company made its NYSE debut on Monday October 14 under the ticker symbol FCAU. Although it wasn’t a great day to open on the stock exchange, the new company still closed 2.5% higher than the pre-merger company did the Friday before. The merger of Chrysler FIAT has been five years in the making, with the two companies announcing the official merger earlier this month. Now that the American and Italian automakers have joined forces, many drivers are wondering what the Chrysler FIAT merger will bring to the table. Automobile experts are predicting more vehicle models, more luxury cars and more fuel-efficient cars.

  1. New Models – Along with the merger comes a more efficient product development process, meaning the FIAT Chrysler group will be able to produce more new models at a faster rate. Greater efficiency in product development could also mean savings for car buyers. Now that the companies are combined, they can create a more streamlined process which will likely lead to lower production costs. Ideally, this means the company can pass on savings to its customers.
  2. More Luxury Vehicles – Another big change that experts are predicting is increased marketing of FIAT’s luxury car brands to drivers in the states. While the automaker currently sells its line of reasonably priced FIAT 500 models, including the FIAT 500c and FIAT 500l, more expensive brands are likely to be coming soon. Some performance vehicles are already making their way across the pond, including the Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo hadn’t been sold in the U.S. since 1995, but in June the Italian automaker opened Alfa Romeo dealerships all across the country.
  3. More Eco Friendly Vehicles – Although Chrysler had struggled on its own with turning out fuel efficient vehicles, joining with FIAT could make the new company a strong competitor in this area. The merger will give the FIAT Chrysler group more power to work on hybrid and electric car prototypes, as well as making more fuel efficient trucks and SUVs that can run on natural gas. As eco friendly cars continue to be in higher demand, this is an area that could greatly improve the companies hold in the auto industry.

With car enthusiasts predicting many new opportunities for the newly formed FIAT Chrysler group, the company and its customers have a lot to look forward to. Continue reading here.