9 Ways To Boost Your Car’s Horsepower

Vehicles outfitted with performance aftermarket parts continues to gain traction. Acura, Hyundai, and Subaru are popular choices for aftermarket parts for cars outfitting. In the United States in 2017, auto aftermarket sales was $287 billion with a projected growth rate through 2020 of 3.6%.

Everybody wants more horsepower. Whatever your car, you want more horsepower. The following are 9 ways you can increase horsepower to your performance Hyundai, Acura, and Subaru cars.

  1. Cold air intake. You want Hyundai performance? Cold, dense air has more volume, more molecules per square inch to mix with your car’s fuel, which is the act of combustion. If your car breathes denser, colder, cleaner air, it will perform more powerfully. Cold air intakes increase horsepower in this manner. Aftermarket cold air intakes are often 3 times larger than standard automotive factory intakes. Install a performance cold-air intake and you’ll have more power.
  2. High-flow air filte Read More

The Best Tuner Parts For Your Car

The auto industry stands as one of the largest in the entire world, and each year, tens of millions of cars are built and sold around the world. Many sold cars are new ones, but many more are in fact used cars sold both at dealerships and in private-party transactions. The United States, Germany, and Japan are known for producing some of the world’s favorite car brands, and they sell well each year in many nations. The United States has a few native brands of its own, but Americans often import popular brands from overseas, such as from Japan across the Pacific Ocean. Japan is home to popular brands such as Mazda, Subaru, and others, and the United States receives many auto imports from Japan each year. And that’s not all. The auto aftermarket parts industry is also large, since cars need tuning and upgrades. This ranges from brand name import tuner parts from Subaru performance parts to Acura performance parts to Read More

Wheels, Exhaust, Intake Subaru Starter Kits

Worldwide, there have been more than 79 million cars sold. Of course, these cars don’t always live up to the expectations that drivers want from them. Thankfully with this comes creative power. That old Subaru you have sitting in the driveway that doesn’t quite live up to any of your expectations? Why not purchase Subaru WRX performance parts for it and make it the car that you’ve actually dreamed of? There are plenty of Subaru upgrades that came be made that will have your car being something you want out of your driveway and on the street to show off. But what are some of the Subaru aftermarket parts that you’ll need to get going and get your car up and working? Take some time to familiarize yourself.

Subaru is one of the leading car producers with around 59,481 vehicles sold in the United States by June of 2018. Which means that there has been p Read More