Why Updating Your Car Carpet Is In Your Best Interest

Nylon car carpet

Some people joke that they spend so much time in their cars that they practically live in them. Commuters say that the average commute is around 26 minutes one way and the median is 20 minutes. On a bad commuting day, it can take an average of 46 minutes, but a median of 30. Generally, we spend almost 90 minutes a day in our vehicles — if we’re lucky — though some can spend as much as an hour each way commuting. With all that wear and tear, our cars can get pretty dirty fairly quickly. It’s important to keep flooring and carpet intact and clean, as it can actually help muffle some noise, keep your car looking better and cleaner, and even help safeguard you and your children against germs and bacteria. If you need new flooring for your car, don’t hesitate to get it, you can always find a company that can provide you with a Carpet Cleaner Repair! Enjoy great service and clean carpets with Dan Dan The Carpet Man. A great carpet cleaning sacramento will help you maintain the quality of your carpet.¬†And keep an eye on your trunk mats as well, especially if you use it heavily.

How Can Keeping My Auto Flooring Clean Help Me?

Our cars are a haven for bacteria and germs. A study conducted by GAP Enviromicrobial Services showed that a car consistently has 17,000 times more bacteria than the home and Aston University in Birmingham found that the trunk — where we usually pop our groceries — has around 850 bacteria on average. Charles P Gerba, who is a celebrity microbiologist, did research that showed there was more bacteria in cars with children, or where food and drink had spilled, as the bacteria fed off the spillage. Surveys show that around 70% of drivers will eat or drink in their cars — which isn’t an issue, as long as you’re cleaning up crumbs and taking care of spills as they happen.

Unclean floors and carpets can also contribute to air pollution within your vehicle, which is adverse to your health. The Dohring Company did a survey that showed around 95% of respondents are concerned about the level of air pollution within their vehicle.

As a general rule of thumb, replacing the carpeting in your car if it’s over 10 years old is a good idea. If your carpet is getting worn out, that means you’re also putting more wear and tear on the floor of the actual car, which can be more expensive to fix or replace.

What Kind of Carpet is Available?

There’s a wide variety of car carpet available and you can even get custom car carpet if your car is older or only takes a specific size of carpet. Laying down a rubber floor mat over your carpet also isn’t a bad idea for the rainy, snowy, and muddy months.

If you’re going for something practical, nylon car carpet or loop car carpet is a good way to go — it’s fairly inexpensive and cleans up easily. However, if you’re looking to splurge, tuxedo car carpet or even an embroidered floor mat can add a little flair to your vehicle.

Where Can I Get New Flooring or Car Carpet?

Luckily for you, these days you can get car carpet made specifically for your car’s make, model, and year. That goes back to the mid-1940s, so if you have an old antique beauty, and are looking for new flooring carpet, you’re in luck! Repair and body shops may have carpet to sell and online retailers can often provide you a wide range of styles and prices. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, asking the car dealers for free car mats might not be a bad idea — they’ll often be eager to make a sale and will throw in the car mats for free.

Don’t let your car’s interior go. New flooring and new carpet can help give a car a whole new look and keep it looking nice, no matter how old it is.