Are You Happy with the Current Car That You Are Driving?

Your 87 year old father is certain that this is the first black car he has owned since he was in his early 20s. At that time, he fondly remembers he and both of his brothers all owned black vehicles. Lately, he has purchased nothing but white cars. He has read articles that white, in fact, is the most popular color on the road and he knows that it is a color that keeps the driver cooler on the hottest of days. His latest purchase, however, was different. He really wanted a four wheel drive cross over and he was having a difficult time finding a white one. This purchase of a black car has been a little out of character, but he seems satisfied. It came with all of the accessories that he was looking for and none of the extras that he did not want to pay for.
Every vehicle purchase that is made comes with a long list of requirements. From the sticker price to the financing available, and from the available glass tinting to the kind of material used on the interior, there are many kind Read More