How Many Times a Week Do You Lose Your Keys?

Operator error.
Those two words are the kindest way that you can explain your latest misadventure in the car. No one was hurt and no damage occurred, but it was not one of your smartest moments. As you began to back out of the local grocery store parking lot, you were puzzled why your car’s backup camera was not working. Looking over your shoulder several time and checking the side views mirrors more than once, you stepped on the gas to back out and head for home. Mysteriously, you could not accelerate and it was only then that you noticed you had shifted the car into neutral, not reverse.
This is the kind of scatter brained thing that you have caught yourself doing on several occasions. Fortunately, this time it was no harm, no foul. During a previous state of confusion you evidently threw out your key fob with the trash and later found yourself searching the internet for “key fob replacement near me.” That mistake required a much more expensive fix. At several hundred dollars Read More