Three Times You Might Need Car Shipping

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Whether you’ve just bought a new car, are moving your business, or just got a great job on the other side of the country, there are times that you’re going to need to move a vehicle. Maybe you need to put your boat in storage for the winter or your cousin in the next county needs to borrow your tractor. Here are three times that car shipping might be able to make your life a little easier:

You can’t move it yourself
Moving vehicles is typically just a hassle. You’ll have to find someone with another vehicle to take you to the one you need to move. In some cases, there’s simply no way for you to move the vehicle yourself, whether it is because of the distance or the type of vehicle. You can’t exactly drive a boat from the water to a storage unit or drive your car across the ocean. International car shipping or specialized transportation services which offers enclosed auto transport are probably the only ways to do it. Click here if you need to move your belongings and other essentials as well.

You need it moved a long distance
Driving a car a long distance is going to be pretty pricey. Depending on the distance, you might have to take time off work, you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for gas, and you’ll likely have to pay for some maintenance on the vehicle. The best way to avoid all of this is to just hire a car shipping company and save yourself the headache (and a few bucks).

You need some heavy lifting
Some vehicles are just too big to move yourself. Maybe you could tow a small motorboat behind your truck, but if you need to move a yacht, you probably aren’t equipped. You could drive a tractor on the highway but that it both dangerous and not a good use of time (since you won’t be able to even go the speed limit). Shipping heavy equipment ensures that your vehicle gets where it needs to go without any of the hassle.

Car shipping companies have plenty of insurance, so you don’t really have to worry much about damage in the off chance it happens. You could buy additional insurance if you wanted to, but it isn’t necessary. Rates are usually dependent on the weight of the vehicle and how far it will be shipped. See this link for more.